Our system will give you real control on your field force

Create your app the way you want, see collected information in real-time.

Upgrade the way you work without changing it

Using TDox allows you to get rid of paperwork, ordinarily processed for progression reports, maintenance logs, proofs of delivery and much more.

Everything that was previously written on paper can now be done on a smartphone or tablet, without interfering in any way with a job tasks, making it instead even easier.

Thanks to these app modules, all your data is immediately available digitally and transferred to your office.

Collecting data has never been easier

It is impressive how the app modules can adapt to your work process, filling them in an easy and intuitive way thanks to creation of forms that can be simply ticked by the operators on field.

Do it Yourself creation
  • Sing up on TDox and start immediately to customize your app modules in minutes: you can personalize them based on your needs or choose between premade templates;
  • Import your products catalogue or client registry thanks to the integration with any system you might be using or from a simple excel file;
  • Share digitally created app modules, ready to be used, with your on-site operators, who are free to use them as they like or based on the permissions you gave them.
Quick filling
  • Fill your app modules in a matter of seconds through an app, downloadable from both Android and iOS devices;
  • Share collected data in real-time with your office;
  • Share and print at any time any document which has been processed: you can send it via email or even on Whatsapp.

By using our system you will be able to recognize activities completed by your employees, which ones are in process and which ones are due to be done, having at the same time traceability of involved materials which are being used.

Receiveing data in real-time allows you to complete tasks in a quicker way, granting you at the same time more efficency.

Data like photos, barcodes and GPS coordinates represent an additional support to the quality and validation of your operations.

TDox is clear and intuitive for everyone

Office workers
  • Create your digital app module based on the logic of which job your employees are going to perform;
  • Define layout and graphic design of your document in order for it to be functional and representative of your brand;
  • Plan duties of your employees, sending to each one of them updates on what needs to be done.
On-site operators
  • Your employees will just have to fill premade app modules;
  • Track GPS coordinates, take pictures, collect barcodes and digital signatures;
  • At the end of your task, save those informations,
    then share or print them in PDF format.
  • Few clicks are all it takes in order to manage all the collected data;
  • Export, modify and analyze collected data;
  • Measure performances of your operators by consulting the map and statistics section.