Water Sampling Checklists:
fill them digitally

Few clicks to create your App and collect water samplig data by smartphones and tablets

Optimize the work
of your samplers

Get rid of paper

With TDox you can collect all information regarding Water Samples directly from smartphones and tablets. Collecting data will be faster and more accurate. From the office you’ll have all the activities under control real-time.

More information

Thanks to functions integrated in a mobile device, you have access to  new tools such as GPS, photos and barcodes facilitating your employees work to be more accurate. No problem of synchronization in case more activities are performed by many operators in the same time.

Auto-populable fields

By starting to type, fields will automatically populate by themselves, avoiding you loss of time, typos and making data collection faster.

Immediately operative

With TDox you are immediately operative, you don’t need to install anything, you can manage everything from any browser and collect data through any smartphone.

Turn your business processes
into an App


How do I get started?

1. Sign Up

Sign up to TDox from this link : you could easily convert your business processes and paper forms in mobile Apps, without writing code, through the powerful designer of TDox. Few clicks and you’ll be immediately operative.


2. Design your Water Sampling Checklist

From PC, through WebApp, create your Water Sampling Checklist autonomously or choose one of the several templates available from our collection and customize it. Follow tutorials on our YouTube channel.

3. Fill it on smartphones

Fill your Water Sampling Checklist on your smartphone or tablet, both online and offline. It’s easy and fast. You’ll be help in the filling step by step and you could send immediately digital reports.

4. Analyze/share data

You will be immediately provided with an automatically generated report on your smartphone or on your computer, which you can download in Excel or PDF and share with anyone you want or with any other IT systems.

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