Guarantee control on
water sampling and analysis

Collect data on sampling and analysis accurately, assure a prompt maintenance to your customers

Comply with regulations

Effective regulations request a greater control on provided services and to guarantee the same standard across them. Thanks to constantly moniroring your activity, you will be safeguarded from your clients, avoiding disputes and complaints.

Costs under control

Other than ensuring continuity to your clients, your company needs to control expenses. By using digital modules, you guarantee your results and constantly monitor expenses, in order to be able to justify it in total transparency.

certify your service

Filling digital forms regarding water sampling and maintenance reports ensures high standards to your processes. Furthermore, you will facilitate the analysis office in managing and communicating inspections outcome to your clients.

More effective processes

  • By collecting digital data on smartphones and tablets you get rid of paper, collecting information precisely and without mistakes;
  • Thanks to features integrated in mobile devices such as GPS, pictures and barcode scanner you guarantee your operators work to be more accurate;
  • All information collected by TDox is organized in order to be immediately available to the office or exchanged in real-time with software already used in your company;
  • With TDox you can share the outcome of water sampling analysis or maintenance without losing data and esuring detailed informations.

Turn your business processes
into an App


Benefits for your office

Schedule operations

The office can organize its sampling, maintenance to be performed or reading meters commissions by TDox Daybook on the Webapp.

Online Archive

Every operation, generates automatically a PDF document or an Excel sheet with relevant data, accessible online or downloadable at any time.

Real-time communication

You can get detailed updates in real-time on completed tasks. Furthermore, through the integrated notifications system you can warn your operators about unexpected situations.


TDox can be integrated with the software already in use in the company such as LIMS or ERP to allow the exchange of data and fundamental information in real time.

Productive benefits
of the app

Ease of use

Collecting data is as easy as writing a message on Whatsapp. Thanks to auto-populable fields, entering data will be extremely fast.

Precise Data collection

With TDox you can collect precisely data related to water sampling, meters reading, reporting fault conditions and checking assets, directly from smartphones and tablets.

Advanced Functionalities

Thanks to functions integrated in mobile devices, it is possible to collect more data, if compared to what paper offers. You will also have access to new tools such as GPS, photo taker and barcode scanner.

Additional information

Through app, other than filling forms and reports, your operators will be able to access additional information such as pictures of sample points, instruction files and logs of operations performed.


Communicate efficently with
your team in real-time

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Optimize the work
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