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The Idea

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In 2001 SELTRIS is a startup and the field of mobile data collection regards only industrial solutions on WINDOWS CE operating systems. In spite of low quality of connections and limited power of mobile devices of that time, SELTRIS makes its way starting working in the FIELD FORCE AUTOMATION area, developing libraries allowing its own solutions to work OFF LINE. In the next 10 years SELTRIS works on its customers orders creating customized solutions for data collection, intuitive applications, tailor-made for customers. As those applications are expensive both for development and maintenance, they are mainly adopted by large multinational corporations. In 2011 Seltris has more than 5.000 users, operators which use its softwares in all Europe, belonging to different industries, from logistics to home care, from industrial production to maintenance.


Through the advent of smartphones, the APP age comes, MOBILE solutions become available to anyone thanks to operating systems like ANDROID and iOS. The rise of CLOUD is then added to the devices revolution so that also Software as a Service (SaaS) distribution model becomes more popular. These changes push SELTRIS research and development department to design TDox, a data collection solution 100% CLOUD, which has almost unlimited power and works on both industrial and consumer devices. TDox can be easily integrated with other systems such as ERP, CRM and DMS, and can be easily customized in each of its parts, to allow each company to create its processes as unique and specific, without the necessity of writing code.


The first version of TDox is tested on spring 2015 in a new project of logistics and traceability of hazardous waste for the company LINDBERGH SPA, the project was developed and integrated in only two weeks. Those performances allow the LINDBERGH-TDOX project to win the digital innovation award at SMAU in MILAN on october 2015, in conjunction with the launch of TDox on the market. In its first twelve months the system embraces small and big customers, belonging to different industries: from logistics to delivery, from water sampling to maintenance. In the next years TDox is continuously enhanced with new functions and the partnership program is activated in order to allow IT consultant companies to create vertical solutions for their customers.

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