Is your Technical Support
really efficient?

Organize maintenance to be performed, check it in real-time and certify your value to your clients

Schedule maintenance

Coordinate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, sending notifications to your operators

Immediate updates

A faster communication of information will allow you to receive immediately the outcome of your support, guarantees status and analize current situations

Control and Quality

By verifying your operators activity, you guarantee a high standard of service and accurate professionalism

More effective processes

  • Your operators and their way to support clients determines the reputation of your company, if a customer receives an unsatisfying service, your company reputation is compromised;
  • Having an history log, containing all operations performed, with attached pictures and documents, assures your maintenance to be quicker and complete;
  • Being quick at communicating informations enhances your administration processes, allows you to manage your guarantees more efficiently and to analize your market more accurately;
  • Organizing replacement parts and assets available to your operators, makes your company more productive, avoiding waste of time and resources.

Turn your business processes
into an App


Benefits for your office


Thanks to the Daybook function, scheduling maintenance and tasks to be performed is quick and easy. Furthermore, it is possibile to upload a list of periodical operations.

Quick Communication

Exchanging data relevant to setup and maintenance, between operators and the office is managed in real-time, according to terms of contract and maintaining your service precise and punctual.

Advanced Tools

TDox app allows you to take pictures in order to determine guarantee status of a equipment and machineries, record GPS coordinates in order to certify your operation and barcodes to scan replacement pieces and assets code.

Accurate supervision

The outcome of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance can be monitored directly from the office, without hampering your operators work. Relevant data will be always consultable and exportable in order to ease administrative processes.

Productive benefits
of the app

Ease of use

TDox can be used on smartphones and tablets, using it is easy and intuitive and it doesn’t require any training. Filling a form on TDox is as easy as sending a Whatsapp message.


Other than allowing you to manage different tasks of your company with a unique app, it is possible to create autonomously digital forms entirely customizable.


Integrations services allow TDox to exchange information with software already used within your company, exchange with them information such as clients, commissions, materials, assets, vehicles and data regarding completed operations.

Always operational

Your employees work is never interrupted due to lack of connectivity, as the app works both online and offline. Furthermore, it is possible to sent notifications for time sensitive information or unscheduled operations.


Manage maintenance with
ad hoc digital forms

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Accurate activities planning,
real-time outcome

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Make the maintenance easier
for your technicians

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