Software for hazardous
waste management

Create it in few clicks and certify collection and delivery activities from smartphones and tablets

Manage waste collection accurately

Certifies collection/delivery of operators

Operators track every waste movement real-time and certify withdrawals and deliveries to dedicated ecological platforms, thanks to the geolocation services integrated in smartphones.

Digital archive

All the information collected by the operators from the App are automatically transformed into a PDF or Excel file that can always be consulted, downloaded and sent in real time to customers or to the office, from which you can check all data. No more lost or illegible documents.

360 degree waste management

With TDox you have all the tools for complete waste management. With a single software you can schedule withdrawals and deliveries to be executes by your operators, check the progress of operations real-time and record all data through designing your App in few click.

All the benefits of the cloud

TDox is a CLOUD platform, therefore no installation is required, it can be used by any browser, smartphone and tablet, even offline. Moreover it is possible to integrate it with any database, management and other IT system in use in the company with a simple process of integration via WEBAPI.

Turn your business processes
into an App


How do I get started?

1. Sign Up

Sign up to TDox from this link : you could easily convert your business processes and paper forms in mobile Apps, without writing code, through the powerful designer of TDox. Few clicks and you’ll be immediately operative.


2. Create your special waste management form

From PC, through WebApp, create your Special Waste management form autonomously or choose one of the several templates available from our collection and customize it. Follow tutorials on our YouTube channel.

3. Fill it on smartphones

Fill your Special waste management form on your smartphone or tablet, both online and offline. It’s easy and fast. You’ll be help in the filling step by step and you could send immediately digital reports.

4. Check the report

You will be immediately provided with an automatically generated report on your smartphone or on your computer, which you can download in Excel or PDF and share with anyone you want or with any other IT systems.

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Accurate activities planning,
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