Send Excel files automatically

Gather your data directly in a format ready to be used


Being able to collect data on field is not enough. The real deal is being able to transform data in information useful to your business as quickly as possible, in order to take advantage of this information integrating it with your business processes and with your strategic choices. Only by implementing this new process you will be really taking advantage of the digital revolution.

Should you already be a TDox client, you already know that you can collect data on field and gather it on your WEBAPP, by using filters and exporting manually EXCEL files or implementing complex exporting procedures using TDox  WEBAPI. In order to enhance this procedure you need more. You need an integration able to send you data already converted in Excel format.

The new Send Excel files automatically Service is essential, as it allows you to bring to life the integration you are looking for in a super simple way. No more code to be written, just few clicks to set everything up in the related web portal and you will be ready. In this way you can gather data automatically, directly in your email, sending it to suppliers and clients or download everything in your Dropbox. Everything will be automated, just schedule at what time or how often you want to receive information.

Wait, there is more! Thanks to this new TDox service, clients or consultants, will be able to also implement and activate an automated import procedure for those Excel files.

What are you waiting for? Set up your service now!

Turn your business processes
into an App


Great advantages
with few clicks


Set up autonomously with just few clicks the system from WEBAPP, or feel free to consult a TDox partner for guidance.


Once collected information from app, data will be available to the backoffice in real-time in Excel format.


Customize sent data schedule, in order to receive files by email or Dropbox whenever you want.


On the “Report” section, you can export automaticallya view formatted for Excel, ready to be consulted and sent to clients and suppliers.