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A CRM is just too much? Try TDox

Easy Purchase order requests

Should you be looking for a solution for your paper forms we got an app just right for you. With TDox  your purchase order  requests will be more accurate, fast and no information will get lost. No loss of time or obstacles on the procedure anymore.

Create your Purchase order request form

You can choose from one of our ever growing collection of templates or design your Purchase order request form in just few minutes with our simple Drag and Drop editor.

Going digital means loads of advantages

With our purchase order request app you won’t face anymore problems such as lost or unreadable order requests. Once everything will be filled on app, the order will be immediately available to your back office or directly integrated with other systems, thanks to our simple integration process.

No installations

You can access to TDox and manage you purchase order requests from any browser and fill them on any smartphone based on iOS or Android. Should you have any database of information to import, you can also do so importing Excel sheets.

TDox is the no code business app creator

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How do I get started?

1. Sign Up

Sign up to TDox from the registration link, choose industries and forms you’d like to work with.
Shouldn’t you be happy with our forms, just let us know and we’ll build one tailor made for you, for free.

2. Check your Purchase Order Request

Check your purchase order request form, customize it or build it from scratch with our simple drag and drop editor. You can find detailed tutorials on our YouTube channel.

3. Fill it on smartphone

You will find your form immediately on your smartphone or tablet, ready to be filled quickly and easily, both online and offline.

4. Check the report

You will be immediately provided with an automatically generated report on your smartphone or on your computer, which you can download in Excel or PDF and share with anyone you want.

See what you are missing! Try TDox!

We offer you a 30 days free trial, no credit card details required!

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