Automatic Emails Service

Sending emails automatically, grants you immediate feedbacks and problems solved in a quicker way


You surely have to deal with many PDFs on a daily basis, each time sending them to your clients or archiving them locally. By doing this, you always end up repeating the same operations over and over: from APP or WEBAPP you download documents  and share them manually. This ends up consuming you work time.

Thanks to the new Automatic Emails Service, available in TDox, this process is entirely automated, downloading documents and sharing them is directly integrated in your work process, giving you total control on scheduling documents sent according to precise rules and on customizing dinamically the content of each email (recipient, object, body) according to your needs. It is also possible to send emails without any attachment, in order to use emails as alerts or notifications.

There is more! Thanks to your timeliness, sending information directly to your customers, you will be able to grant greater quality to your clients, giving feedbacks and solving problems immediately.

What are you waiting for? Set up your service now!

Turn your business processes
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Easy and Quick Setup

Setup the system on your WEBAPP where you can set fields such as sender, recipient, object and body.

From the “REPORTS” section you will be able to create a view including variable columns to be included in the email.

Schedule the view, including frequency of emails sent and map fields containing information you will receive.

Once the setup is completed, to each filled module on app, you will receive one or more emails, automatically.