TDox collects personal data you provide us through electronic means, directly or through third party services for the only scope of:

  • Conclude, manage or provide anything planned in our contract with our clients
  • Organize, manage or provide services through data communication to our suppliers
  • Fulfil our legal duties or other duties requested by legal authorities
  • Process regular tax practices
  • Process regular commercial or service reports
  • Gain statistical information
  • Sending electronic emails
  • Communicating to the juridical authorities eventual transactions


Collected data is used according to the rule of law in order to protect your privacy.

Collected data will be recorded on legal registries due to fulfil above mentioned duties and will be shared  with local authorities if required by the law.

Data you provided us regarding your company will be only shared with professionals working with our company.

You can use your right against the holder of the treatment according to article 7, legislative decree n.196 emanated on June 30 2003, which we are going to indicate below.

  • You have the right to know whether if we possess personal data regarding you, even if not recorded yet.


  • You have the right to know:
  • a) The origin of this data;
  • b) What is it going to be used for;
  • c) Logic applied in case the information was gathered electronically;
  • d) Identification details of the owner, responsible and representative person, according to article 5, subparagraph 2;
  • e) Subjects or subject categories which could receive information gathered as representative of a certain state territory.


  • You have the right to obtain:
  1. Updates on data integration;
  2. Deletion of information, transformation to anonimity or block in case of law violation, including those cases where conserving information for the above mentioned is not strictly necessary;
  3. An attestation that what mentioned in section a and b has been acknowledged by those whose data was gathered or shared, except in case this duty should result impossible or should consist of an operation of means disproportionate if compared to the protected right.


  • The subject has the right to fully or partially oppose himself;
  • For legit reasons to the collected data treatment even if coherent with the collection scope;
  • To sharing of information devoted to advertisement o direct sale or for market research and commercial communications.

Rights included in article 7 are excercised with non formal request to  the owner or responsible even trough a  person in charge, which will receive an appropriate response without any delay.

The request to the owner or to the responsible for him will be transmitted even through email or registered letter to:

Seltris Srl

Via Mazzini 55C

Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova)

C.A.P. 46043 ITALIA

Tel.: +39 0376 944146

Fax: +39 0376 948870


Those interested will be able to access their collected data, update, delete or simply dispute the treatment of the related information by simply asking it to our responsible for the privacy.

By not authorizing us to treat your personal data, it will be impossible for us to provide you access to our services.


1. Which type of data are we collecting?

    • Navigation data.
      Our tools collect some personal data which transmission is implicit by using internet comunication protocols.
      Each time that an user access our website or each time that a specific content hosted by us is recalled, data collected for allowing access is saved by us as protocol file. Each protocol file includes:

      • Website that redirected to our page;
      • Your IP address;
      • Access time and date;
      • Client’ request;
      • Response http code;
      • Quantity of transmitted data;
      • Browser and operative system.
    • Intentionally provided data by users
      In different pats of the website, you will have the chance to provide us with your personal data (email address, name, CAP, data eventually contained on requests).
      Sending this type of data is optional, explicit and voluntary and implies our acquisition of an user’s email address and other personal information, which is necessary for replying to eventual requests.
    • Cookies
      In order to make your navigation on our website more comfortable we use cookies. Those are small text files, saved locally and temporarily on your browser.

You can choose how to set your choice regarding the use of cookies through your browser settings:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on “Tools” on the top right corner and “Internet settings”, click then on the tab “Pivacy”;
  2. In order to activate cookies, privacy level must be set to “Medium” or on a lower level;
  3. Setting Privacy level above “Medium” will disable cookies collection.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on “Tools” on the top right corner and then “Options”
  2. Click on “Privacy”;
  3. Click on “Cookies”, then check or uncheck the option “Accept website cookies” and “Don’t accept third party cookies”.


  1. Click on “Cog” on the top right corner of your browser and click on “Preferences”;
  2. Click on “Protection” and select or deselect the “Block third party cookies” option;
  3. Click on “Save”.

2. What do we use collected data for?

We use collected data for the only purpose we collect data for.

In order to elaborate your requests and your usage of our services we charge our suppliers of this duty, which receive only necessary information in order to complete their task.

  1. Protocol files are used in order to protect our systems, for example, identifying eventual threats, which do not contain in any case data associated to a determined person.
  2. Personal data voluntarily provided to us is inserted in your master data.
  3. For what concerns cookies, those are only used for technical purposes.

As soon as your data won’t be necessary anymore for the above mentioned purposes, we will immediately delete it unless the law requires us not to.

3. How is your data treated?

Your personal data is treated through automated tools (eventually even manually) by a related person in charge and eventually by reponsibles for the treatment, who can be people outside of our company, the time they have to treat data is as short as possible in order to only fulfil the tasks they have been given. Appropriate security measures are taken at all times in order to prevent data loss or incorrect usage and unauthorized access.

4. Is it mandatory to share personal data?

Regardelss of for protocol files and cookies (which can be blocked), the user is free to provide us personal data through related modules. Should’t they want to share their data, they will simply not receive replies to their requests.

5. Which rights do you reserve?

By the article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 169/03 of the italian law, you own the right to know wheter your data exists or less on our system and where did we take it from, you own the right to verify whether collected information is correct, to request its integration, update, deletion, transformation to anonymity or block the treatment of collected information.
In order to excercise any of those rights, please email us.

6. Any other question?

Should you have any other question on data collection, treatment and usage, you can write us at any time, below you will find our contact details.

Seltris Srl
Privacy Office
Via Mazzini 55C
Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova)
C.A.P. 46043 ITALIA