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Office Automation

Collected data are ready to be shared

Many field activities are carried out manually and reported inaccurately or incompletely on blank sheets of paper or Excel / Word forms or PDFs that must be printed in advance and filled in by hand. Once the information has been collected, it must often be interpreted, verified, corrected and eventually transcribed on archive files or in ERP system, with a lot of time spent by backoffice staff, who will then still have to use them to generate invoices and keep track of payments, complaints and all appointments.

With TDox the backoffice has the data collected by the operators immediately available in the field, in the way in which the form was designed for each specific process or activity. In turn, the data are clear, unequivocal, without errors or gaps in the compilation. For example, you can extract them with views and send them in Excel or CSV format to your colleagues or to the ERP system.

It is possible to create an automatic integration between TDox and the ERP system, in both directions: customers, suppliers, articles, price lists, orders, requests, appointments from ERP to TDox and execution of the forms, files PDF and other data (statistics, GPS positions, etc.) from TDox to ERP.


Files attached to customer invoices

You can obtain the data that have been collected in the field, contained in the completed forms, by connecting to the TDOX WEBAPP, inserting the filters and extracting the EXCEL file manually or, to radically streamline the operation, you can configure TDox to send the data directly already transformed into the desired format. Just make the configuration in the appropriate section of the WEB portal and you are immediately operational.

In this way you can attach the file with the data collected to the invoices for the customers. You can get data automatically in your inbox, send it to customers/suppliers or download them conveniently in a Dropbox folder.

Purchase orders requests (from customers)

With TDox, you manage your mobile data collection, transforming the information collected in the field into real customer orders.

From the TDox web portal you register, create your own form or easily customize an existing one. Then download the App on mobile and you’re immediately operational: your operators compile from the App the data you have defined by Web and you find the information collected in the field directly as orders, already formatted in the way desired, so as to speed up the billing process.

Acquisition and registration of new customers from the App

With TDox you can record the data of your new customers directly from the App, creating your digital form to fill out the new customer card, the business quote template, the purchase order form (and much more). By downloading the App on an iOS or Android device, your agents will find the form customized and ready to be filled out, directly from a smartphone or tablet.

No more lost or illegible data. With TDox, the acquisition of customer data by your agents is more accurate, faster and easier. And it works even offline! Only what you need without wasting time or complications. From the office you will have everything under control in real time.

Appointments management and planning

Thanks to TDox you can automate the planning and assignment of the interventions, which is often delegated to the manual work of company figures who are responsible for asserting tasks such as:

  • manage the employee calendar
  • assign an intervention based on availability
  • to notify technicians through a notification system
  • close the practice of the intervention
  • much more

With the TDox daybook you have a single tool that allows you to manage the activities and movements of the teams and to collect intervention reports in real time giving you the enormous advantage of being able to keep under control all the operations carried out and to schedule others quickly.

Mobile operators can access their daybook at any time and are informed of new activities to be carried out with notification messages, fill out the intervention reports and refer them instantly to the office. In this way, all operations, from job scheduling to digital collection of intervention reports, take place quickly and can be controlled with simple clicks.

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