Would you like to manage deliveries very effectively?

Enhance traceability and monitoring over your transport:
receive in real-time the outcome of each delivery or collection

Detailed PODs

With TDox you can certify successful deliveries and share the outcome with both the office and your clients, in real-time

Faster Order Picking

Enhance your order picking in order to organize better your deliveries and to monitor your warehouse

Less disputes

All deliveries and returned products are associated to  GPS coordinates and pictures of eventual damages to parcels or letters

More effective processes

  • An accurate organization of your warehouse will allow you to reduce vehicles readiness times;
  • Using an app to manage deliveries and collections grants you a constant traceability of your service, improving your company results;
  • Monitoring your own vehicles allows you to ensure high performance processes;
  • Proofs of delivery and logs of unexpected situations are easily accessible and safeguard you in case of disputes with your clients.

Turn your business processes
into an App


Advantages for your logistics

Daybook from app

Thanks to the Daybook function, lists of deliveries, and returns are always available from app, in order to avoid loss of time and fuel.

Integration with Route Optimization Software

TDox can be easily integrated with Route Optimization Softwares, allowing you to get faster routes to get the most out of your time.

Effective monitoring

By consulting maps, statistics and reports, the office can verify in real-time status of deliveries and manage promptly eventual unexpected situations.

More precision

Certifying method and time of deliveries won’t be a problem anymore. By using GPS coordinates you will be able to trace precisely your activity and to communicate its outcome to your clients.

Productive benefits
of the app

Ease of use and multilanguage

Using TDox doesn’t require any training and its use is within everyone’s reach. Furthermore, the app supports more languages.

suitable for all your needs

TDox flexibility suits all of your clients needs, who might require different levels of service.

A Flexible solution

TDox can be used on smartphones, tablets or rugged devices which have integrated optical scanners, for better performances.

Always available

The app doesn’t interfere with your operators job, it works even in total absence of internet connection.


Proof of delivery always
available with TDox

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Design your App and
simplify picking activities

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Improve the management
of your vehicles

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