Is your service dealing with lawn care and you need it to be more precise?

Assure your clients with punctual operations, planning in a better way your activities
and recording more precisely your employees working hours and equipment used.

Control your activities

Real-time updates on your operation allows to check what has been done by your employees and at the same time to plan new tasks.

Accurate invoicing

Clear and regular receipts allow you to avoid invoice delays and client disputes due to amounts not in compliance with each other.

Improve quality

TDox can be used as Lawn care business scheduling software so that you can use it to evaluate your operations quality.

Absolute truths

  • If after an operation you lose the related report, there will be several challenges in order to retrive the information necessary to emanate the invoicing;
  • Attaching photos, GPS coordinates and signature to an operation report, grants your documents to be precise and offers an high quality standard to your clients;
  • Employees guided step by step while performing their duties, through apposite tools, increase the productivity of your company;
  • Real-time control over your asset conditions and time it has been used for on a daily basis, gives you a clear picture of your equipment status. Moreover, thanks to our expense report , you can have a better control over the cost of you operations.

TDox is the no code Business app builder

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Benefits for a landscaping service provider

Efficent Organization

The operations schedule is transmitted to all the employees you need to reach, they will receive a notification with all the necessary information regarding your clients.

Accurate filling

TDox, used as a lawn care business software allows statements without any lack of detail or transcription errors, which makes your company more efficent inside and outside the offices.

Advanced Tools

A smartphone with a camera in order to attach photos, GPS coordinates to geolocalise your employees and collecting your clients signature allows you to prove what has been done and when.
The same feature can also be used for asset tracking in order to help you avoiding money loss re-purchasing lost tools.

Real-Time updates

From your office, you can monitor the status of your operations and lawn care business forms which have been already filled, without interfering with your employees job. For example, as soon as an inspection form has been completed you can examine it straight away from you office.

What can our lawn care
business app offer you?

Ease of use

TDox can be used on any smartphone in an easy and intuitive way, it doesn’t need any training.


Creating digital modules is totally automated and customizable, the way you use this features can be adapted to the needs of each single client who requires different types of service.

API integration with other software or database

You are guardanted to be operative as soon as you try our product, avoiding long waiting times for starting your project.

Always operational

Your employees will never be stopped by the lack of connectivity as the app works both online and offline.