Are you experiencing issues
with your deliveries?

Improve traceability and monitoring of your deliveries.
Check and record in real-time the outcome of each one of them.

Provide a precise service

TDox can be used as express delivery software, allowing you to achieve greater completeness of information, less waste of time, more satisfying performances for both you and your client.

Less Disputes

All deliveries and returns will be geo-localised through GPS coordinates and validated taking photos of eventual damages to the parcels.

Accuracy in activities

The outcome of each delivery and performance from your employees will be verifiable in real-time from the office.

Take your delivery service to the next level

  • Proof of delivery, letter of transport and all data regarding the operation is easier to find digitally than on paper;
  • Availability for details regarding returns,even if damaged, grants you an assurance over unexpected situations;
  • Accurately planning your route makes it possible to save over costs of transportation and to deliver in a quicker way;
  • Sharing information in real-time between couriers and the office enables a constant traceability of your service, a better management of the deliveries and overall better results for your company.

TDox is the no code Business App Creator

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Benefits for an Express delivery Service

Share information

Couriers and back office will always share the needed information in order to fullfill their tasks. For example, the moment a digital package delivery signature form will be signed, the back office will receive the document immediately.

Greater precision

Thanks to an unambiguous delivery identification, there won’t be anymore transcription mistakes, wrong addresses or wrong items delivered.
TDox also offers you a standard form for expense notes in order to also help you tracking more efficently what your employees spent during their journeys.

Efficent monitoring

Proofs of delivery won’t be a problem anymore thanks to GPS, pictures and barcodes which allows you to check your operations in real-time and to provide proof of what has been delivered to your customers.

Complete control

TDox is like a courier software that allows you through the Agenda tool, to schedule deliveries for each operator indicating them the relative sequence of delivery and track in real-time on the map the entire process.

What our app
can offer you

Intuitive and multilanguage interface

Everyone familiar with smartphones and common apps like whatsapp will immediately feel comfortable using TDox.


By being an app, TDox can easily adapt to each single client’s needs, which might be asking for different types of service.

All you need is a smartphone

In order to install TDox as express delivery software for iPhone or Android, you just need a common smartphone which will become a working tool, not only easy to use but also full of professional features.

Always Operational

Your employees will never be stopped by the lack of connectivity as the app works both online and offline.