Adaptability and offline work

Offline data collection, cross-platform, multi-site, multi-language


With TDox you will never lose any of the collected data. Every time you fill out a form, you create a document, that is, an instance of the form with all the data entered. The data of each instance is first of all saved in the memory of your device, then the App tries to send them to the central synchronization system, which will take care of storing them in the cloud to be immediately available to all users and to all the services authorized to use them. In absence of connection, the App will notify you and retry a synchronization at a later time, but no data will be lost.

There are some predefined automatic synchronization situations, such as after saving a form fill. However, at the user or company level, you can configure your automatic synchronization frequency and decide on some options.


Many apps only work if they are connected to the Internet, i.e. online. But what if you do not have a connection? Working in the field can imply having a weak or even absent signal and being offline is an insurmountable obstacle for many Apps, but not for TDox that has been thought and designed to work also offline.

It is sufficient to connect at least once to authenticate and synchronize the device, download master data, forms to be filled out, appointments in the diary, without any contraindication. Collected data on the move is stored on devices and synchronized in Cloud as soon as there is a connection. With TDox you can work offline for hours or even days.


TDox is a Cloud system, consisting of a WebApp and a single App for mobile devices that can manage all data collection modules designed with the WebApp. The App is available and can be downloaded from the stores of the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world: Android or iOS.

Google Play for Android systems (Google Inc.) From v.4.0
App Store for iOS systems (Apple Inc.) From v.iOS 10.0


With TDox you can create a center for each company and make interoperate without any problem branches with Time Zone and different languages.

In fact, TDox is international: it supports multi-site and multi-language management. Allows to work at the same time branch operators with different time zones, belonging to the same company, using a single App.

Each operator can decide to use TDox in the language he prefers, activating it specifically.

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