Dropbox Integration

Store data collected on field directly to your Dropbox account

Store collected data on Dropbox

Should you already be a TDox customer, you already know that through smartphones and tablets you can collect data on field and get all gathered information in your office in real-time, by going on TDox WEBAPP. Over there you can add filters and export files manually your desired format or automate the exportation process using TDox WEBAPI.

With the new Dropbox Integration, you can export directly to an extern repository, all files containing your filled forms information, already formatted according to TDox views. While previously you could only receive Excel and PDF files via email, now you can save reports in PDF and collected data in Excel, CSV, Text and XML directly on Dropbox.

Furthermore, should you need to gather data in order to archive it or to create an automated integration you can do so without having to write a single line of code or constantly performing manual actions. TDox also offers you maximum flexibility: the service can be enabled and disabled at any time.

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Set up this service autonomously this service from the WEBAPP, or consult a TDox partner.

Once you collect data from app, on smartphones and tablets, the office will receive all information in real-time.

You can set up a custom frequence for how often your files will be sent to Dropbox.

From the “Reports” section you can save views in Excel, CSV, Text and XML format, directly on Dropbox.

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