What does Digital Transformation mean?

Digital Transformation means adopting new digital technologies in a strategic manner. Thanks to it, it’s possible
to improve the productivity and employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.
Each company can adopt its own specific strategy, but the use of digital tools is what makes the difference in
this new economic environment.

For this reason, it’s fundamental to use the right tools and TDox can really support your Workforce with the use
of low-code. If you want to know more about it, check these topics out!







Automation and Low-Code:
Enablers of Digital Transformation

Automation and Low-Code technology can bring several benefits,
but above all they can be considered enablers of Digital Transformation, for two reasons:


  • According to a Pegasystems’ survey conducted on 500 decision makers, the 63% of global executives says that
    Automation is a major component in digital transformation and 23% says that it is the most important component.
    Therefore, adopting automation solutions can be the right choice to remain
    competitive in this post pandemic economic environment.


  • Digital Transformation has been impacting every industrial sector and organizations need to find
    new digital solutions in order to be competitive in the market. In this sense, Low-Code gives the
    possibility to companies to be agile which means being able to adapt quickly,
    flexibly, and decisively to support internal changes.
    In fact, it provides them a significant boost to their work by reducing the time needed
    to be spent on troubleshooting and by offering more customized
    solutions according to the economic environment changes.

Improve your business and get digitized

Increased Mobility

Deliver to people the digital experience as they were in office. Agile companies need a Workforce that can work in mobility without any disruption, so advanced technologies are needed.

Data Security

Digital Transformation projects support data security. In a global context where everything is connected, copmpanies need to be vigilant about protecting user information.

Enhanced User Experience

Simpler and easier interfaces allow to have a better user experience. For this reason, employees need immediate applications in order to work in the best possible way.

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