Would you like to get
better control on your sites?

Provide an added value by instantly verifying contruction progress:
simplify and manage reports in a truely efficient way

Increase your earnings

By having a recap of all ours worked, materials used and rented equipment you can have a more precise invoicing

Costs under control

Verifying carefully your employees attendance and your assets management, gives you greater control over costs, allowing you to cut losses of time and resources

Meet Deadlines

Monitoring contruction progress on your site is useful to coordinate your activity and provide your clients with detailed reports

Better management of your
building site

  • Worksite reports or digital worksheets speed up the process of data collection and exchange between sites and technical office, allowing an accurate analysis on the progress of work: reliability and respect for the timing;
  • Precise reports in real time will allow you to monitor the financial management of the site;
  • Having always at hand the detail of materials and means used ensures a more precise cost control;
  • The special security forms on the construction site allow you to avoid forgetfulness thanks to the list of PPE to wear and you will also avoid disputes during the checks.

Turn your business processes
into an App


Benefits for your office

Organize commissions

Thanks to TDox it is possible to manage your clients data and word orders. A status on construction will always be at your disposal, wherever you are.

Communicating efficiently

The exchange of information between construction site and office is faster than ever before, granting you to manage ordinary commissions and unexpected situations.

Construction progress

Your employees on field will be able to gather in real-time detailed information such as GPS coordinates, pictures and more. The office will then be able to access statistics and reports on completed tasks or eventual warnings.


TDox integration services allow to automatically exchange information with company software already in use, in order to have all your data updated and available, such as customers, orders, materials, equipment, vehicles and data related to completed activities.

A simple and intuitive app

Ease of use and multilanguage

Collecting data is as easy as writing a message on Whatsapp. Thanks to auto-populable fields, entering data will be extremely fast.

Built for your

With TDox you can fill reports
and forms or assigning assets
and equipment, directly from app.
The platform will adapt to your needs.

Advanced tools

It is possible to take pictures and GPS coordinates in order to monitor construction progress. Furthermore, the barcode scanner function allows your operators to manage materials and equipment precisely.

Always available

Other than filling digital forms and reports, through app, it is possible to access additional information on construction sites, such as documents,
relevant pictures and authorization files.


Communicate efficently with
your team in real-time

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Accurate activities planning,
real-time outcome

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Ensure security with
digital checklists

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