Would you like more control over
your building site and tools?

Make it easier to manage your building site.
Be always a step ahead by seeing the progress of your operation in real-time.

Increase your turnover

By having a clear and precise picture of how many hours your employees worked, of the equipment used and of the rest of the expenses on site your invoicing will be more accurate.

Control the cost

By validating the time record of hours worked by each one of your employees and the equipment which has been used by them, you can keep a better track of the cost, avoiding loss of time and money.

Meeting deadlines

Monitoring the contruction progress is useful in order to coordinate at its best activities on site, meeting deadlines and providing your clients with more information on how the construction is moving forward.

Things you need to know

Overcounting hours spent on site and number of resources used entails inefficencies in your income;

• By having always at hand a digital history of what has been done, with related pictures, you will work more efficiently;

• Letters of transport and reports, if shared in real-time, gives you greater control over the construction progress and tracking your goods;

• More often than we’d like, those working on site and those working from the office do not share the same information, compromising your entire service provided to the clients.

TDox is the no code Bussiness app creator

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Using TDox
on your building site

Is functional

Data regarding the building site can be shared and used immediately. Going through Construction site safety inspection reports, construction site progress reports and construction site audit forms is simple.

Allows communication

Exchange of information between building sites and back offices is easier, faster and allows you to manage ordinarily taks and unexpected events. For example, TDox not only allows you to share a digital punch list with more people, but also to fill it in a matter of seconds.

Gets you access to new tools

TDox can be used both online and offline, takes advantage of smartphones camera, GPS coordinates and barcodes in order to make everything easier. You also will never lose a single tool again, thanks to its asset tracking feature.

Gives autonomy to your office

Collecting data from your site is performed completely autonomously by your office, with no need to consult an on-site operator.

Immediate benefits
for your business

Intuitive to use

Our construction business app is easy and quick to use, even for those not too confident with technology, as it can be used on common smartphones.

Tailor-made documents

Creating documents like letters of transportation, rented equipment and progress reports is easy to achieve, and allows you to create everything based on your client’s needs.

API Integration with other systems

TDox can be integrated with other IT systems used by your company.

Everything within an app

With just one platform you can manage different activities: it can cover the entire need for collecting data outside your office.