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Our success stories

Discover how TDox managed to improve quality and organization for working outside the office.
You could be the next one!

Who is using TDox

TDox is a software designed to ordinarily improve quality and workforce management . With just few clicks you can manage in real time operations, documents and data collection, wherever you are.

The Software perfectly suits the way you work, in order to make it faster and more efficient. Learn how some of our clients got substantial benefits thanks to its functionalities.


Lindbergh is a company specialized in environmental and logistics services. Thanks to its transportation network is leading the environmental cleaning service across all Italy.

Its operations, performed at night, require exchange of trucks and operators plus the dismantlement of special refuses, this represents their core business.


The major problems faced by Lindbergh, before approaching TDox, were:

  • Tracking meticulously their deliveries, collecting items and proving operations;
  • Losing returns and delivering wrong materials than the expected ones.

TDox, allowed Lindbergh to develop and implement several customized modules for various processes to each single client at a very competitive price.

Lindbergh, is now able to track in real time the outcome of its deliveries and to be always documented in real time with photos and GPS coordinates.

In case tracking a certain vehicle should be impossible, the GPS guarantees the company proofs of operation and to improve performances.

TDox has offered Lindbergh the solution to achieve a perfect tracking mechanism and to certify and prove their operations across Italy in a fast and secure way.


TDox has been approached by Citypost, a postal private service with more than 140 agencies all over Italy.

The needs of this client were tracking deliveries of multiple products, avoiding disputes for eventual damages to parcels and proving their deliveries.

Thanks to our solution, which allowed them to track in real-time each delivery, they now manage their deliveries in a faster and more efficient way.

Their problems and our solutions:

TDox, managed to solve those issues:

  • Tracking deliveries;
  • Managing Damage disputes;
  • Control their employees and their actions.

With TDox, the employees are now able to be ordinarily updated on each delivery due by the end of the day, by reading Barcodes, which identify the addressee of the delivery and thanks to the GPS coordinates they manage to prove their deliveries, even offline and in a secure way.

Now their delivery process is faster and easier than ever.