Automated Big Data Archiving

Export collected data with TDox as Big Data structured for Business Intelligence

The App to manage your Big Data

All data you commonly have to collect, in order to manage your business processes, becomes always more to collect and takes always more storage. That’s why it is called Big Data. In order to analyze it and take strategic advantages out of it, you have to transform it and standardize it according to required formats. This implies a huge amount of time spent. That’s why you have to automate this process!

With the new service “Big Data Archiving” you can export data directly to an extern repository, all files containing your filled forms information, already formatted according to TDox views. While previously you only had at your disposal EXCEL and PDF formats, now you can also save report views on a MICROSOFT AZURE STORAGE TABLE, in order to have all your data automatically formatted, ready to be used on your Business Intelligence and Analysis tools.

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Easy and Quick Setup

Set up this service autonomously this service from the WEBAPP, or consult a TDox partner.

Once you collect data from app, on smartphones and tablets, the office will receive all information in real-time.

Save report views directly on Microsoft Azure Storage Tables, in order to use it with Business Intelligence and Analysis tools.

TDox is much more convenient as it offers you maximum usage flexibility: it can be enabled or disabled at any time.

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