A collaboration mutually beneficial

Becoming TDox partner means technology and support to create tailor-made solutions.

An opportunity
For businesses and professionals

Are you a computer consultant, system integrator or working for a software house looking for ano code business app builder solution to re-sell?

TDox is the app just right for your customer, as it replaces paperwork and to manage work processes in an easier way using digital app modules, easily fillable from smartphones, tablets or PDAs running both Android and iOS operative systems.

We are targeting medium sized enterprises which work with operators on field dealing with deliveries and technical operations.

Tailor-made solutions

What makes our system special is the feature to create autonomously any app module, which is used daily on your work processes, through the webapp designer.

Being our partner will grant you to use our technology and our support in order to bring to life tailor-made solutions and winning modern market challenges like the app evolution one.

Increase your earnings

You can offer consulent services for:

  • Creating complex app modules , based on clients needs
  • Integrating TDox with other management systems
  • Training on our software

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