Audit Checklist for Retail Store efficient, precise, digital

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Direct communication
with the retail store

The operators fill checklists on app

In few minutes you can turn your retail audit process into an app, so that your operators can fill checklists on smartphones. Your employees will be able to check whether a product has been displayed, its price and eventual promotional material.

Advanced Retail Audits

With an unique tool it is possible to verify store conditions, products placement, shelf provisioning, scan products barcode, furthermore it is possible to certify merchandising activities taking pictures with the integrated camera.

Real-time checks

Promotional activites performed within retail chains can be certified in real-time from the manufacturer, thanks to TDox this happens with no delays at all. You can also customize new forms from your office in order to ditribute them to your operators at any time.

Easy to use

Using TDox is intuitive, your operators will be guided on the entire audit process. Data collection is accurate and avoids data entry mistakes. TDox can also be used offline. What are you waiting for? Create your Retail Audit Checklist right now!

Turn your business processes
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How do I get started?

1. Sign Up

Sign up to TDox from this link : you could easily convert your business processes and paper forms in mobile Apps, without writing code, through the powerful designer of TDox. Few clicks and you’ll be immediately operative.


2. Create your Checklist

From PC, through WebApp, create your Checklist autonomously or choose one of the several templates available from our collection and customize it. Follow tutorials on our YouTube channel.

3. Fill it on smartphones

Fill your Checklist on your smartphone or tablet, both online and offline. It’s easy and fast. You’ll be help in the filling step by step and you could send immediately digital reports.

4. Analyze/share data

You will be immediately provided with an automatically generated report on your smartphone or on your computer, which you can download in Excel or PDF and share with anyone you want or with any other IT systems.

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