#MeetTDoxPeople – Monica Razio, Accountant of TDox


Here we are again with our appointment where we meet the “TDox People”. Today we meet our fantastic Monica who takes care of accounting at While True.

It was a pleasure to speak with Monica, because she could give us a new point of view of the company and also of TDox, which she regularly uses to perform some of her daily activities. Her congeniality, kindness and friendliness are contagious, so we hope that this small chat we had with Monica will affect you as it has affected us.


Hi Monica, thanks to be here with us! First of all, we’d like to ask you: how long have you been working in While True? How has your experience been till today in the company?

Hi, thanks for having me!
Well, I’ve been working for this company since the very beginning and this is a part time job for me, so this is the first advantage that I got, because this allows me to have the right balance between my private life and my job

Previously, I’d worked for a big company where, despite I had a greater economic guarantee, the work was quite tedious and repetitive.

In While True I’ve learned many things that concern the administrative field, since it’s a small business and this gave me the chance to be more dynamic and take care of different tasks.

Furthermore, the work environment is very friendly, and all my colleagues work in synergy to achieve the company’s goals.

How have you seen the company growing up through these years?

In the last years, While True has been able to improve and perfect itself in various aspects, despite the difficult period that we’ve faced because of Covid-19 pandemic.

I think that its strength was the ability to listen to the employees, their ideas and necessities.
Allowing a flexible schedule and the possibility to work from home has brought significant benefits, not only for the employees’ health, but also for what regards the work environment by improving the productivity and the ability to work in a team.

As a matter of fact, making the work environment more comfortable and familiar is one of the main company’s objectives.

Wonderful! And for what concerns your daily tasks? What do you do when you’re at work?

I mainly take care of the secretarial and administrative part (issuing of invoices, journal entries, payments and so on)

What are the main difficulties that you have in your work?

In my opinion, the principal difficulty is that I work in an informatic company, where everything is technological, therefore sometimes there is no social contact with other people.

It’s an occupational hazard, we can say. However, we know that you use TDox to perform some of your tasks. Could you please tell us how?

Yes, I use TDox for the employees’ expenses management and during the Covid-19 pandemic I used TDox to register and verify their Green Passes.

Speaking of TDox, what do you think about it? Do you believe that it could be a valid solution for the companies?

TDox platform allows to every corporate, even the small entrepreneurs, to control and manage daily activities at a low cost.
I can tell you about my husband’s experience, who is an electrician with 3 employees.

Before TDox, all the work orders were filled out on paper and at the end of the month all this information had to be entered on an Excel worksheet. Clearly, mistakes were always around the corner: actually, very often it was difficult to read what was written on these papers or other times sheets got lost which created more than a problem.

With TDox, the management of employees and billing has improved a lot which  significantly reduced errors. As a result of this, my husband harnesses the advantages of TDox to schedule interventions, to compile work reports and to perform the monthly processing of employees ‘attendances.

A very interesting case, thanks for sharing it with us Monica!
Then, since we’re talking about the importance of adopting digital solutions, do you think that digitizing the accounting is necessary nowadays?

Absolutely, having the possibility to get access to digital data for billing is essential, because it allows to accelerate every kind of tasks and to be more precise by reducing the margin of error.

Thanks a lot Monica for this small chat with us, we’d like to finish by asking you our frequent question: if you had to describe TDox in 3 words, what would they be?

Traceability, Digitization and Organization.

We thank again Monica who accepted to talk with us and to answer to our questions. We hope that her positivity and spontaneity will reach you as they did with us.

Remember that if you got curious about TDox or you have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. 

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