heating systems maintenance

Let’s go back talking about maintenance, more specifically heating systems maintenance and all the activities that are involved in these kinds of intervention, like planning maintenance services or compiling precise and detailed test reports.

How much is important to adopt digital tools to perform heating systems maintenance? A lot, of course, but many companies are still struggling to get digitized, and they still entrust on papers to manage different activities. It’s clear that if you have to compile a test report in pen, there are some problems that may appear, for instance:

  1. You’re increasing the possibilities of mistakes, due to carelessness or the fact that this procedure is not so intuitive. You need to find a table, or a sort of it, on which you can put the test report and compile it. It’s not so immediate, especially if you’re in a rush and you have other interventions to perform in other places.
  2. Linked to the previous point, compiling a test report in pen implies more mistakes and erasure marks which create a big mess. This can be a huge problem especially for the people in charge in the back office to copy this information on computer in order to issue the invoice.
  3. Obviously, sheets can get ruined or lost and this is a more common issue than we think.
  4. You can’t afford on real time data, since the technician has to go back to the office with the compiled test report in order to give the chance to the back office to archive data and issue the invoice.

For these reasons, what is very necessary is to choose solutions that allow to overcome these complications, and this can be done by adopting a software like TDox. Don’t you know what are we talking about? Let’s find it out!

heating systems maintenance

TDox for your Maintenance

TDox is a platform that allows you to create specific forms for your heating systems maintenance. It’s super easy, because it harnesses the power of low-code technology that guarantees to everyone, both professional and non-professional developer, to visually create business apps without focusing on the syntax of the code.

After that, thanks to its multi-experience feature, you can make these forms available on multiple mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, barcode driven devices, rugged devices, and even smart glasses. In this way, your technician doesn’t need any paper anymore, but he/she just has to download the TDox app from the store to find all the forms that he/she has to compile.

What kind of forms can you build? Some examples are:

  • Work Orders
  • Equipment Management
  • Expense Report
  • Installation Form
  • Inventory Checklist
  • Maintenance Log
  • Removal Form

As a result of this, you can guarantee real time data to increase the productivity of your business. Simple and easy improvements that can make the difference in your business growth.

Don’t waste time, choose TDox and manage heating systems maintenance with digital tools, specific for your needs. You have to know that signing up is free and then, if you want to harness all the benefits of TDox, you can monthly or yearly subscribe to the platform as it happens for other subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon. It’s up to you to decide to stop using TDox or to continue to take advantage of it.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities.
We’re low coding your business apps!

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