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Do you know how to create a digital proof of delivery (POD)? With TDox you can do it very easily thanks to a simple and intuitive interface and the possibility to create forms in low-code mode.

However, before we explain how to create a digital proof of delivery with TDox, let’s try to understand what kind of document it is and why it is so important to convert it in a digital way.

Proof Of Delivery: what is it?

Create a Digital POD with TDox

Transform a POD into an App

Special Extra Features of TDox

Proof of Delivery: what is it?

The definition of proof of delivery is quite clear: it’s a document that certifies that a certain package (for instance) has been delivered. In other words, iThink Logistics defines it as “a significant part of the delivery process as it establishes that the package has been delivered to the customer. Proof of delivery acts like a receipt that proves that the delivery has been made”.

This document has a very high value, since it can be used by customers to verify that they received a product from a company and at the same time businesses can use POD to keep track and be aware if the package was delivered or not to the receiver.

Usually, organizations create the POD form on Excel or Word and then they print it. After that, they give the paper POD to their transporters who are in charge to make customers sign it as soon as the goods are delivered. What’s the matter with this procedure? The fact that the proof of delivery is in paper which doesn’t guarantee safety of information and real time data, since sheets can be ruined or lost and in order to have a confirm of the successful delivery, back office has to call the transporter or wait until he/she comes back to the office.

How to solve this? Well, of course with a digital proof of delivery that can be created with TDox, Let’s find it out how!

Create a Digital POD with TDox

As we said, through the use of a digital proof of delivery is possible to improve the data communication process, but you also make an ecologic choice by saying stop to the use of paper. With TDox creating a digital POD is super easy, because it harnesses the power of low-code technology which allows everyone to create apps and forms. As a matter of fact, you visually create the form without focusing on the syntax of the code, so you can develop better the aesthetics and functionalities that you want to add.

To do so, you just have to sign up to TDox, which is free, and then you go to the “Forms” section where you can start to build your digital proof of delivery. The editor will appear as the screenshot below.

digital proof of delivery

Thanks to low-code, you can drag-and-drop features that you find in the sidebar at the bottom of the page. Among these features you can find:

  • Text Box and Date Picker. Insert text boxes where you can write, for instance, who and when the delivery has been made.
  • Camera integrationTDox is integrated with the camera of the mobile device, so operators can take pictures of material to notify anomalies and damages. These pictures can be easily attached to the form and thanks to the time stampTDox is able to record the exact moment when the picture is taken. This integration also makes possible to read barcodes, a helpful tool that can be used to identify tools or specific material. 
  • Customer Box. Among the various functionalities, there’s the possibility to add a customer box. In this way, when the operator has to fill out a form, he/she will just have to tap on the customer box to find all the customers’ data (name, address, and so on) which is in the database, without the need to copy all the information by hand.
  • GPS Detection. With the GPS tool you can communicate to your operators the exact itinerary they have to follow which can be helpful to manage your transporters (read the case of the Italian company Iren) .
  • Checklists. Create your own checklists with the tasks that the transporter has to perform which makes the compiling of the POD even faster and simpler.
  • Digital Signature. Certify your documents with a digital signature, so you won’t have the problem to look for a pen anymore, you just need your finger!
  • PDF Preview. A simple tool that allows to show a PDF preview to the client, so he’ll be aware of what he’s going to sign.

On the right side of the page, you can see a chart where you can rename the different features; you can set them as “mandatory”, which means that the operator won’t be able to complete the compiling until he/she fills out that section (very helpful to avoid carelessness); you can add advanced features and customable lists (specific for a particular client).

Transform a POD into an App

Once you’ve created your digital proof of delivery, it’s time to “save it and send it to app”. What does it mean? Basically, TDox is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which means that after you’ve created your peculiar form, you can make it available on various mobile devices.

These devices are:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Rugged Devices
  • Barcode Driven Devices
  • Smart Glasses

By having the POD you’ve created available on smartphones, you essentially transform it into an app which makes the compiling of this document extremely rapid and easy.

Moreover, thanks to this and through the TDox Agenda, you get the chance to warn your transporters about the daily tasks to be performed and to send him/her the specific digital proof of delivery for the customer to whom he/she will deliver the material. In fact, you can create a workload (read the full guide about TDox Workloads here) on webapp and then this is automatically sent to the delivery drivers who receive on their smartphone or tablet the task that has to be performed, so they can get rid of other dispersive communication tools like emails or instant messaging software, because they have all in one single platform.

Special Extra Features of TDox

TDox helps you create a digital proof of delivery, but it has some other extra features that make TDox different from the others, like:

  • It’s native offline. Basically, its engine is set on your mobile device which means that if your employees need to work in places where connection is low, they can keep doing it without worrying about losing data or without speed complication. It will be enough synchronizing data as soon as they get access to an internet connection.
  • It’s a Super App. One of the advantages of TDox is being a super app. What does it mean? Basically, the platform works as a repository of apps, therefore all the apps that you build (POD, BOL and so on) can be found in the TDox super app. No more dispersive organization, TDox represents your point of reference for your working activities, and it helps your employees to perform their tasks in a digital way.
  • Automation. Thanks to automation, TDox facilitates different activities, like data entrycommunication, and even data collection, because the platform helps you compile forms by suggesting the right option to accelerate this activity.
  • Optical Character Recognition. Through the implementation of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), TDox simplifies the data collection. Actually, you just have to frame a piece of text with the camera of your smartphone and TDox will be able to identify the different text blocks (through the use of artificial intelligence) by updating in real time what the user can see as soon as he/she moves the hand on the framing. Once this will be done, the user will be able to choose some of them which will be connected, and they’ll give value to the form. Eventually, the user will have the possibility to modify the text if it’s necessary.

Don’t waste time, choose TDox and digitize your POD. Remember that signing up is free and then, if you want to harness all the benefits of TDox, you can monthly or yearly subscribe to the platform as it happens for other subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon. It’s up to you to decide to stop using TDox or to continue to take advantage of it.

In conclusion, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities.
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