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Recently, we’ve met TDox people who work in While True for a long time, therefore people with a lot of experience on the TDox platform, but also with high knowledge for what concerns the IT environment. Today, we’ve decided to change our point of view and we’ve met Christian Parra, Junior IT Consultant of TDox, who could give us another impression of TDox, his daily activities, and what he thinks about the digitization level of Italian companies. If you’re interested in what a young, prepared guy like Christian has to say, well you just have to follow us and read our small chat with had with him!

Hi Christian, thanks to be here with us. First of all, we want to ask you: how long have you been working for While True? How has your experience in the company been till now?

Hi everyone! I’ve been working for While True since February 2022. The experience has been amazing since every day I am learning new things about the IT world and how this is implemented in the Italian market.

What was your academic background that brought you in While True?

In my home country, Ecuador, I studied for a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. During my undergraduate studies, I had always wanted to study for a master’s degree in a foreign country. So, I applied to Polytechnic of Milan and here I am! The master’s program that I am doing combines electronics, mechanics, and informatics. As a matter of fact, I have attended courses about Databases, and I found them useful! Thus, I intended to find a company that works with data and fortunately, I found While True!
Nowadays, I feel very happy of being working in the IT world.

Regarding your job in the company, what are your daily tasks?

Every time our CIO Michele Guion, approves a beta version of the TDox software, I am in charge of testing and verifying that everything is working properly.

In the same way, when there is the case of a consultancy, I support the other consultants in the creation of the modules that the client needs.

How have your first consultations been? What were the main difficulties?

In the beginning, it was challenging for me to carry on a consultancy completely in Italian since I have only been speaking it for about a year. Anyway, I must say I feel comfortable improving my new language!

Also, I keep getting better at understanding the different needs that every client has in their process.


What kind of requests did you receive from customers?

The most common request is to digitalize a repetitive process which they used to take a lot of time to do, and with TDox, it is just a matter of a couple of minutes.

For instance, a company that needs to carry on the control of the journey that everyday technicians do to complete electrical or mechanical maintenance, and fill in a PDF report, with TDox is as simple as fast.

You’ve been working on TDox, so what’s your opinion about the software? Do you think that companies can take advantage of this platform?

I think that companies are increasing their productivity with TDox. It is such a powerful tool that implements the automation of processes that every enterprise must deal with.

Often, companies don’t realize how important is to digitize business processes, it can increase the efficiency of every corporate sector. In this sense, TDox plays a fundamental role by offering solutions that aim to facilitate workforce activities and I think that this is the first step to make: putting employees in the position of working with ease and simplicity.

Additionally, thanks to TDox you can get rid of paper, and I believe that, according to the world environment problems that we are facing, it’s a great occasion for every organization to adopt an eco-friendly approach.

In your opinion Christian, what’s the main feature that makes the difference between TDox and other workforce management software?

In my opinion, the main feature is that TDox is native offline, so that technicians that work in environments where the internet signal is low, can be sure that their data is well saved and not lost.

This feature shouldn’t be underestimated, since it happens more often than we think that operators need to work in places where connection is low or absent, especially in mountainside cities.

According to your experience, what do you think about the digitization of companies in Italy? Do you think there’s an urgency for enterprises to get digitized?

I have been living in Italy for one and a half years, and I have seen many processes that are still made in the old way, this is by paper and hand. So, this was a huge impression on me because I expected that everything was digitalized.

I strongly think that all lead us to the digital domain, so sooner or later the enterprises must migrate to this kind of technology if they want to continue to be competitive.

Augmented Reality (AR) has just been implemented on TDox. Could you tell us your opinion about this implementation and how it works?

It is a feature that will be helpful for those who want to save time in compiling the modules.

By the implementation of an optical character recognition algorithm, TDox can know which word or sentence you want to scan not only from a paper but from everything that you can read!

For what concerns the future: what are your next projects you’re working on?

One plan I have in mind is to develop my master thesis on TDox where I can work in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to sound analysis and speech recognition.

Also, I will continue with the consultancies to the new clients that decide to trust in the implementation of TDox in their business.

Last question for you Christian: could you describe TDox in 3 words?

Powerful, intuitive, and innovative.

Thanks to all!

We want to thank Christian who gave some insights about TDox and While True, but also some details for what regards the activities he performs every day. Remember that if you got curious about TDox or you have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. 
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