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If you deal with maintenance activities, you probably know very well how important is to manage technical interventions in order to guarantee efficiency and to avoid delays and downtimes. To do so, it’s essential for companies to adopt preventive or predictive maintenance methods, according to the corporate needs, through the use of digital planning tools.

When we talk about preventive and predictive maintenance, we have to make clear the difference between these two maintenance methods: the first one is scheduled on a regular basis, while the second one is scheduled as needed, based on the asset’s condition. Both require the adoption of planning tools that can help facilitate to program these activities in the best possible way.

Obviously, it’s fundamental to use digital tools to plan activities, because they’re the only ones that assure real time data and a more complete management of technical interventions. It can seem absurd, but, even if the digital transformation advances, many organizations are still using analogic tools and they are still entrusting on paper, an obsolete and slow element that doesn’t allow to have precise information about tasks that have to be performed.

However, digitization isn’t just limited to the adoption of digital tools. Creating forms or manage technical interventions with programs like Microsoft Office (which means Word, Excel and so on) or similar is possible, but it means that you’re adapting yourself. These programs are wonderful, but they’re very generic because they have to satisfy different kinds of necessity. Furthermore, a preliminary knowledge of the Office tools is required, and this means you have to train your employees.

For this reason, in this article we want to focus on TDox, a platform that offers specific functionalities to manage technical interventions. Let’s see them!

Create Apps for Technical Interventions

Before we focus on the chance to plan tasks with TDox tools, with this platform is possible to create apps for technical intervention that can simplify and improve the way in which these tasks are performed. As a matter of fact, TDox harnesses the low-code technology to make the business apps creation processes faster and simpler.

With low-code anyone can create app, because there’s no need to be a professional developer, since you visually build apps without focusing on the syntax of the code, but rather on their aesthetics and functionalities. In this way, you can create from web app many apps for your technical interventions, such as:

  • Work Orders
  • Equipment Management
  • Expense Report
  • Installation Form
  • Inventory Checklist
  • Maintenance Log
  • Removal Form

Once you’ve created them, thanks to the multi-experience feature of TDox, you can make them available on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, barcode driven devices, rugged devices, and even smart glasses. As a result of this, you get rid of paper and increase the quality standards of your company. Real time data, more accuracy of information and an intuitive interface that consent everyone to use TDox with ease and simplicity.

Moreover, all these apps that you build can be found in the TDox super app, that means that you don’t have a dispersive organization with a multitude of apps in your mobile device for every task you have to perform. In contrast, TDox works as a repository of apps and a point of reference for all your maintenance activities.

technical interventions

Planning tools and Automation

For what concerns the planning of technical interventions, in TDox you can find a very helpful tool: the Agenda. Through this tool you can warn your workforce about urgencies, deadlines, or schedule changes or simply about the daily tasks to be performed. In fact, you can create a workload (read the full guide about TDox Workloads here) on webapp and then this is automatically sent to the operators who receive on their smartphone or tablet (here the multi-experience feature) the task that has to be performed, so they can get rid of other dispersive communication tools like emails or instant messaging software, because they have all in one single platform.

Additionally, TDox uses the robotic process automation (RPA) to facilitate data entry and data collection, since the platform helps you compile forms by suggesting the right option to accelerate this activity. Add to this, you find Dashboards that help you manage all the activities from your pc, so you can intervene promptly in case of inconvenience. In the dashboards you can see all the information that regards peculiar activities that you need to manage.

Eventually, with the Custom Tables you can add all your information that you need to create your own database, such as customer’s names, products, equipment, part number, serial number, software version, expiration and maintenance dates, and whatever you want to put in. Then, this information can be linked to the agenda and to the dashboards to create orders for your employees.

TDox is your ideal partner

Don’t waste time, choose TDox and manage technical interventions with digital tools, specific for your needs. You have to know that signing up is free and then, if you want to harness all the benefits of TDox, you can monthly or yearly subscribe to the platform as it happens for other subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon. It’s up to you to decide to stop using TDox or to continue to take advantage of it.

In conclusion, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities.
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