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A good way to improve your business is adopting digital tools that can facilitate your workforce activities. For what concerns the maintenance management, using digital work orders can really simplify the way in which data is collected and the process of communication of tasks to technicians. It’s the case of Autovie Venete which entrusted on TDox to build customized digital work orders for their maintenance activities.

Autovie Venete S.p.A. is an Italian managing company of motorway routes in A4 Venice-Trieste, A23 Palmanova-Udine South, A28 Portogruaro-Pordenone-Conegliano, A57 ring road of Mestre and A34 Villesse Gorizia which are in the north-east of Italy. Furthermore, the company operates in central and western Europe, by collaborating effectively with local authorities.

During the years the company acquired importance as strategic reality with its facilities playing a fundamental role in the framework of Corridor n. 5, the multi-modal axle, which will connect Barcelona to Kiev passing through Trieste, Ljubljana, and Budapest.

Need of digitization

The company needed to digitize processes, especially for what regarded the notification of the various interventions to be performed and to digitize work orders to manage better the collected data.

With TDox, Autovie Venete S.p.A. was able to get information in real time, thanks to the digital work orders, and to improve the way in which the company manage its maintenance. As a matter of fact, TDox offered its specific features. which are:

  1. Use of Low-Code technology. Through the use of low-code, the company was able to create its own work orders in a simple and easy manner. Actually, low-code consents to visually create the forms without focusing on the syntax of the code, so Autovie Venete S.p.A. was able to create digital work orders by themselves. This huge accessibility allowed the company to build more specific forms, since they had a deep knowledge about the business needs.
  2. Multi-Experience feature. TDox is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP), so it allows to digitize business processes by making them available on Android and iOS mobile apps. In this way, employees receive on their mobile devices the information they need related to the tasks they have to perform. As a result of this, there’s no more need of paper, since data is digital, and they can entrust on digital tools which consented the enterprise to save money, time and energies.

digital work orders

Dedicated functionalities for the maintenance

Speaking of the creation of digital work orders, the company found various functionalities to add to their work orders which helped have more detailed reports. Some examples are:

  • Camera integration. TDox is integrated with the camera of the mobile device, so operators can take pictures to notify anomalies and damages. These pictures can be easily attached to the form and thanks to the time stampTDox is able to record the exact moment when the picture is taken. This integration also makes possible to read barcodes, a helpful tool that can be used to identify tools or specific material. 
  • Checklists. Create your own checklists with the material you need to check. For instance, you may need a checklist to check the activities to be done during the day or to control that the state of the equipment (if they need to be sent to repair, for instance), a solution that makes this activity even faster and reduces human errors.
  • Digital Signature. Certify your documentswith a digital signature, so you won’t have the problem to look for a pen anymore, you just need your finger!
  • PDF Preview. A simple tool that allows to show a PDF preview before you send it to the office or to the client.

Beyond these functions, it’s possible to add data pickers, GPS position, customers and products’ names, categories lists, and labels.

A centralization in one single app

Autovie Venete S.p.A. created various digital workorders that technicians could fill out with their smartphones or tablets, but this isn’t the only advantage they got. In fact, all these forms can be found in the TDox super app, so they didn’t have to download multiple apps to compile their reports.

Everything in one single place, so TDox became a real point of reference for their technicians who don’t have to lose time looking for the right app. This allowed to avoid any dispersive organization, but in contrast they have a centralization of activities in one single app. A simple creation process and a rapid availability of the forms contributed to improve the quality standard levels of the company and it represented a big support for the employees to avoid mistakes and downtimes.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities.
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