#MeetTDoxPeople – Meet Cristian Strogoteanu, Senior Software Developer & Consultant of TDox


Our weekly appointment with the #MeetTDoxPeople continues and today we’re going to meet Cristian Strogoteanu, Senior Software Developer & Consultant of TDox.

He’s been working for While True since its fundation, so he could give us a more detailed picture of how the company and TDox have changed and evolved during these years. Here’s our small chat with Cristian.

Hi Cristian, thanks for having us. We’d like to start with your experience in While True: how long have you been working in the company? How has the company changed through the years?

Hi everyone! Well, I’ve been working in this company for a year and half, but I’ve been in the IT industry for about 11 years. I’m very happy to work for While True, this job allowed me to professionally grow up and to get a lot of experience. Since I’ve got the chance to work on analysis, development and research, this allows me to diversify my activities and to always learn something new.

Furthermore, the company makes everything to allow us to work in the best possible situation, by giving us the possibility to work from home and by putting at our disposal a gym where we can train during our breaks. To me it’s a wonderful benefit since we do a sedentary job and having the chance to do some exercises in order to be fit is essential for our healthcare.

Anyway, for what concerns the company’s evolution through the year, I can say that it has been constantly growing up and it invests a lot in research and development, to improve its offer, but also in marketing in order to enhance its brand image and to find new clients.

What are the daily challenges you have to face?

The daily challenges are many, but the most important is to be ready for each client’s request. In fact, the main difficulty is to have clear what the customer needs in order to build the right solution for him/her. It can happen that the customer doesn’t know what he/she exactly needs, or he/she isn’t able to explain it in an easy manner. Because of this, I have to guide him/her to define the goal and the right solution.

Anyway, my daily tasks deal with offering consulting service on TDox, like building new workflows to manage customers and services, but I also spend a lot of time on developing. Besides, I have meetings with my colleagues that reveal to be very helpful to find solutions regarding the most complicated projects we have.

You’ve worked on TDox for a long time. How has the platform changed? What are its main characteristics?

The platform has had several changes over time, improving its offer and covering most of the customer needs. The main characteristics of this platform are flexibility and low code:

the platform offers a set of tools to create your own process without writing code, so you don’t necessarily need a developer to build the workflow process.

Do you think that TDox can represent a valid solution for the companies that want to digitize their business processes? How?

Yes, for sure TDox is a valid solution; it can help customers to manage better their work and processes, by offering them valid tools for what concerns digitization and traceability.

Additionally, the use of low-code consents both professional and non-professional developers to build their own processes. This represents a significant advantage, since companies can save money and energies thanks to this technology.

Obviously, we cannot omit the multi-experience feature of TDox that allows to have all these processes available on different devices, such as smartphone, tablets, barcode driven devices, or smart glasses. This feature can give a huge boost to every firm that can harness it to improve internal business processes.

Speaking of digitization, what’s your opinion on difficulties that many Italian companies have been facing to get digitized? Why do they struggle so much?

Many Italian companies have an “old style” mindset about the work processes. Some of them are afraid of taking the risk of innovation because they think it can be a waste of time and mostly a waste of money, so in my opinion, for these reasons someone is not ready yet, not only for TDox platform, but also for a next step towards innovation.

However, compared to the past years I’ve noticed that there are more and more companies trying to innovate and this allows them to obtain very good results.


You’re also a consultant, so our question is: what are the most common requests you receive from customers?

The most common request is to digitize their manual business processes. In fact, as I said before, since many companies are struggling to get digitized, the main requests deal with the digital transformation.

Therefore, my job is to understand customers’ requests and how they can be realized by offering solution that can meet their needs. It’s not always possible to satisfy customer’s requests exactly as they want, so we need to work on the process they want to digitize and find the best way to get it.

Could you please tell us an example of implementation you’ve worked on?

Mmm it’s difficult to talk about a specific example because I worked for many projects. Anyway, in the last period, I worked a lot as a developer and not only as consultant, but for example the last one was to digitize processes of an Italian cheese factory (diary).

The project didn’t require a lot of time and the relationship with the customer was excellent, actually he was able to comprehend the various processes and to replicate them by himself.

What are the projects you’re currently working on?

Currently, I’m working for a big project that involves many systems. My main goal is to integrate these systems with each other, building a solid eco-system over time which ensures perfect communication between them.

In conclusion, last question for you Cristian: how would you describe TDox in 3 words?

Innovation, flexibility and low-code.

We thank again Cristian who answered our questions, and we remind you that if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. 
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