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If you’re a quality control officer, how do you collect data that concerns material quality? Do you create a checklist on Excel, you print it, and then you fill it in pen? Have you ever thought how much time this process requires? Using paper to collect data represents a big waste of time and it also makes more complicated your activity, since you risk every time that the sheet you’ve printed before can get ruined or lost. Digitizing this process is possible, therefore in this article we want to talk about creating a quality control application that can improve the way you collect data.

To do so, a perfect ally to create a quality control application is TDox. If you’ve never heard about it, TDox is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which allows to digitize business processes using the low-code technology. The platform operates in 4 main sectors, which are:

  • Construction Industry
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Logistic Sector
  • Quality Control Activities

As you can see, quality control is one of the sectors in which TDox is specialized, so it can offer specific functionalities to perform the different activities that deal with quality control.  

The use of low-code enormously facilitates the process of creating a quality control application, because this technology consents to visually create the app without focusing on the syntax of the code. This means that you don’t have to be a professional developer to create it, anyone can do it, and this consents to have an application that is more specific and pertinent, since the final users of the app become the developers. Moreover, low-code application development marks the entrance of citizen developers who can create much needed apps, thanks to a simpler development path. This approach allows the launch of new ideas which can be iterated more quickly.

Add the functions that you need the most

Once you got access to TDox from web app, you can start to create your quality control application from the “Forms” section. Then, you’ll jump in the editor that looks like the picture below.

quality control application

At the bottom of the page, you can see a sidebar where you find all the different functionalities you can add to your app. It’s enough to drag-and-drop them into the smartphone picture to easily add them, while in the chart you can see at the right side of the page, you can rename them. Among the various functionalities we find:

  • Camera integrationTDox is integrated with the camera of the mobile device, so operators can take pictures of materials to notify anomalies and damages. These pictures can be easily attached to the form and thanks to the time stampTDox is able to record the exact moment when the picture has been taken.
  • Barcode Reader. Thanks to the camera integration, you can also read barcodes. Moreover, you can add a barcode reader to your smartphone which will allow you to scan barcodes without opening the camera of the device by making this process even faster.
  • GPS Detection. With the GPS tool you can communicate to your operators the exact itinerary they have to follow which can be helpful, for instance, if there are controls that need to be done outside, like the water sampling.
  • Checklists. Create your own checklists with the material you need to check. For instance, you may need a checklist to check the activities to be done during the day or to control that the state of the equipment (if they need to be sent to repair, for instance), a solution that significantly reduces human errors.
  • Digital Signature. Certify your documents with a digital signature, so you won’t have the problem to look for a pen anymore, you just need your finger!
  • PDF Preview. A simple tool that allows to show a PDF before saving it and send it to the office or the clients, according to your needs.

After you’ve created the app as you need, you just have to select “Save and send to app”, so it’ll be available on various devices (here it comes the multi-experience feature). As a result of this, you’ll find the app on smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, barcode driven devices, and finally, also on smart glasses.

quality control application

A new way of collecting data

Add to these useful functions, TDox has implemented the augmented reality (AR) that can give a huge boost in the way you collect data. As a matter of fact, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)is possible to frame a piece of text with the camera of your phone and TDox will be able to identify the different text blocks by updating in real time what the user can see as soon as he/she moves the hand on the framing.

Once this will be done, the user will be able to choose some of them which will be connected, and they’ll give value to the form. Eventually, the user will have the possibility to modify the text if it is necessary.

This solution reveals to be very helpful, especially to scan goods that don’t have their own barcode or to collect data without copying it by hand.

TDox is your point of reference

Creating a quality control application is not the only app you can create with TDox. The various features offered by the platform gives you the chance to build your own personalized app and then, once you’re satisfied, you can find them all in the same place, that means TDox.

In fact, TDox can be considered a super app which, as Gartner defines it, is “more than just a composite mobile app. It is built as a platform to deliver modular microapps that users can activate for personalized app experiences”.  Therefore, TDox is your point of reference where you find all the apps that you built, and this helps you avoid a dispersive organization.

TDox aims to offer solutions that can simplify employees’ activities by putting them in the position of working with ease and without making them struggle to perform a task. Digitization is a wonderful chance for every company to improve the internal business processes that occur to deliver the best product or service possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox super app and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities.
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