#MeetTDoxPeople – Meet Nicola Marai, Sales and Marketing Manager of TDox


We continue our journey to meet people behind the scenes, the ones who work for TDox. Today is up to Nicola Marai, Sales and Marketing manager of TDox. We had a very interesting chat with him where he talked about what TDox means for him and how the TDox platform has evolved during these years, according to his point of view.

So, without wasting more time, let’s see what Nicola talked about his experience with TDox.

Hello Nicola, tell us about your experience with TDox. How long have you been working for While True (the company that owns TDox)?

Hello, thanks for having me. I’ve been working with TDox for 4 years now. When I started, I was mainly working on the US part of the business, later on I moved to manage also the Italian one and now I have the pleasure to manage both our sales and marketing departments of TDox.

What were the biggest changes that you could see through these years for what concerns TDox?

We actually improved the software a lot, it is surprising really. By listening to the precious feedback from our customers we were able to make the User Experience better by simplifying process creation a testing.

Navigating, for example, now is way easier, testing can be done directly on a browser, it doesn’t require you using a phone anymore. There are also many new features like Dashboards and Workloads which make the entire platform even more powerful. Then there are other exciting developments we are working on, but we’ll talk about them later.

By having a look at our customers, we also decided to focus heavily on providing the best possible platform to low-code apps for your workforce, this is what we are now dedicating ourselves to.

What kind of requests do you receive from your customers?

Customers mainly request a platform to digitize their processes on paper, they need to track every information on field and to do it fast.

The variety of processes is huge, but the main denominator is always the digitization and automations of data collection.

What do you think about the new implementations like augmented reality or artificial intelligence? Do you think companies are going to adopt them or there will be some prudence towards these technologies?

I am really excited about our roadmap. Customers I talk to are enthusiast about the future developments too. By talking to Gartner, their analysts agreed that this is where the future is going, therefore it is mandatory to support Augmented Reality as a proactive measure, furthermore Artificial Intelligence will be implemented always more commonly in our day-to-day life. Applying it appropriately to each company is mandatory in order to keep it competitive.

I think (and research suggests this too) that every company out there in the next five years will see an exponential growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence.


Has TDox’s target always been the large companies?

Not always to be honest. In the beginning we saw TDox being adopted mainly by small companies. With time its users became larger and larger until now, where we are dedicating the development of features mainly for large enterprises. All while keeping in mind simplicity and ease of use of course, so that the same small companies that believed in us in the beginning are still supported with the best software they could wish for, having access to an even more powerful platform while maintaining the same price.

How did it affect TDox’s marketing?

The marketing side in the beginning was focused on small-medium businesses, now it moved to target large enterprises, as this is where we are seeing more adoption.

How is working on TDox? What are the challenges that you and your team have to face?

The main challenges we had to face were understanding how to make the software more accessible to everyone. By studying user behaviors, we were able to simplify the user experience and provide our customer with an additional service: now if they need help, they can purchase directly the time of one of our consultants in order to have the software set up for them and customized according to their needs.

What are the next projects for TDox, like partnerships or collaborations?

We are collaborating with Gartner in order to understand better market needs and what we should focus on developing next. We also have interesting partnerships and sponsorships coming along (such as the one with Barni Racing Team). Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for more updates on that.

Thanks a lot Nicola, so in conclusion, we ask you to describe TDox in 3 words.

MXDP for (Frontline) Workers.

We thank Nicola Marai, Sales and Marketing manager of TDox for this little interview and if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. 
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