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In the last years, automation touched more and more companies transforming the way in which activities were organized and creating a business automation system. The use of intelligent automation led to several benefits, such as an increase in efficiency and an awareness of how automation can support workforce activities. However, what is business automation? As IBM defines it, “it is a term for the use of technology applications that perform repetitive tasks, freeing up employees for higher value work. This includes business process automation (BPA), robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-powered automation”.

Automation’s peculiarity is that, nowadays, everyone can adopt a business automation system, because cloud-based automation platforms were able to put this functionality within reach of organizations of all sizes. A clear example is the low-code technology, harnessed by the power of automation, which is available to everyone since it allows to develop apps both to professional and non-professional developers.

Therefore, a technology that can be used by any company means that everyone can adopt it and digitally transform its business. For this reason, business automation is so important, because you can replace human labor with machine labor and allow people to focus on more strategic tasks where they can develop better their talents.

As a matter of fact, automation can represent a big boost for what concerns the improvement of internal business processes, but also to deliver a better and faster digital customer experience. In this way, it is possible to streamline operations and drive business growth.

Benefits of Business Automation

We said that a business automation system comprehends BPA, RPA, and AI-powered automation. But what are these components and what benefits can they bring? Talking about BPA, RedHat.com defines it as the “use of software to automate repeatable, multistep business transactions. In contrast to other types of automation (like RPA, which uses software robots to complete back-office tasks, such as extracting data or filling out forms – Ed.), BPA solutions tend to be complex, connected to multiple enterprise information technology (IT) systems, and tailored specifically to the needs of an organization”. BPA can be considered as part of digital transformation strategy that many companies have been adopting in recent times.

Add to this, AI, which we talked about it in this article, uses machine learning and complex algorithms to analyze structured and unstructured data, so business can develop a knowledge base to formulate predictions. A tool that, we need to underline it, supports your workforce and does not replace the human factor. Ashley Watters from CompTIA explains it very well by saying “while movies may portray AI as ultra-intelligent technology capable of human domination, real-world AI is typically only capable of singular tasks, requiring human intervention to support and apply technology in the workforce”.

Anyway, in order to have clear what benefits a business automation system can bring, IBM, once again, comes in our help to define them:

  • Discover processes: Pinpoint inefficiencies or hotspots in your operations to help determine where automated processes can provide the greatest impact. This involves process mining and modeling.
  • Apply intelligence: Use the data from automating your operations with machine learning and AI to recommend actions and free up people for more strategic tasks.
  • Augment your workforce: Build RPA tools and deploy digital working to collaborate with humans wherever a higher level of productivity can be achieved or when backup is needed.
  • Automate core operations: Apply core automation capabilities — document processing, workflow orchestration, decision management and content services — to key operational areas to meet business needs.

business automation system

TDox and Business Automation for your Workforce

TDox provides a single platform for your business automation by making business processes available on different devices, such as smartphones or tablets (the next implementation will be on smart glasses, see our road map). Through the use of low-code technology you can create your customized business apps and, thanks to its peculiar interfaces, TDox can be integrated with other software you have already been using in your company.

The aim of TDox is offering digital solutions to improve workforce activities, so basically to allow your employees to get rid of tedious tasks and be supported by digital tools to improve their strategic works. According to this, your workforce can be more focus on tasks which imply creativity, so working will be more satisfying for them. What are these solutions offered by TDox? Where can we find automation?

First of all, you need to register at TDox, which is completely free, and then thanks to the drag-and-drop tool you can create the forms that you need for your specific necessities. For instance, if you work in maintenance, you may need report forms, or if you are in the logistics sector you would probably need a POD form. With low-code creating apps is much easier, because you can focus on the aesthetics of the apps and their functionalities rather than on the syntax of the code. Then, you have access to various functionalities like:

  • Agenda. It is helpful to plan your activities and operations. You can warn your workforce about urgencies, deadlines, or schedule changes or simply about the daily tasks to be performed. In fact, you can create an order on webapp and then this is automatically sent to the operators who receive on their smartphone or tablet the task that has to be performed, so they can get rid of other dispersive communication tools like emails or instant messaging software, because they have all in one single platform.
  • Dashboards. Useful tools to manage all the activities from your pc, allowing you to intervene promptly in case of inconvenience. An example? If you work in the building construction sector, you can manage all the building sites, by checking the working progress of every site. A timely answer will allow you to avoid disruptions which can make you spend more time and money.
  • Workloads. With this feature you can assign specific tasks to your employees and establish by when they have to be performed. Furthermore, with the GPS system (read how Lindbergh SPA took advantage of it) you can communicate them the exact itinerary they have to follow which can be helpful, for instance, if you work in the logistics sector and you have to manage your transporters.
  • Camera IntegrationTDox is integrated to your camera device (smartphones or tablet) so you can take pictures to make more detailed reports and read barcodes too.
  • Native Offline Feature. Another significant function is the possibility to use TDox offline. Actually, its engine is native offline, that means it is set on your mobile device. Consequently, if your employee has to work in places where connection is low, he/she can keep doing it without any fear of losing data or without speed complication. It will be enough synchronizing data as soon as he/she gets access to an internet connection.
  • Cloud Archive. All your documents can be saved on TDox cloud (XP Cloud) which is managed by our team, freeing you up from updates and other problems. Otherwise, you can use your cloud (Private Cloud) to get your own customized version of the software hosted on your cloud.

Eventually, TDox uses automation for what concerns data collection and communication. A clear example is the case of the maintenance works where the technician has to send a report to the client or to the office after he/she has performed a specific task. A prefilled email with the attached document will be sent in automatic, so it will avoid the tedious process of downloading the file and writing a new email. The adding plus is that this procedure can be done by smartphone or table, so essentially with a click.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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