integrated urban water management

As digital transformation advances, it is necessary to adopt digital solutions that can guarantee to deliver the best possible product or service. We talked many times about digitization, but what we want to underline is the fact that new technologies can be used not only to improve the relationship between company and customer, but also to improve the internal business processes. It is the case of Abbanoa S.p.A., an Italian company, with headquarters in Sardinia, wholly participated by Public Authorities and currently made up of 342 Sardinian shareholder districts and the partner Region of Sardinia which deals with integrated urban water management.

Abbanoa’s mission has as a priority the homogeneous and unitary management of the integrated urban water management of Sardinia, so as to guarantee, in full respect of the environment, the supply of water with the same quality, the same level of service and the same tariff in the whole regional territory: from the county seat to the most isolated municipality. All with a view to the economic and social development of the island.

But what is an integrated urban water management? According to Global Water Partnership it is “the alignment of urban development and basin management to achieve sustainable economic, social, and environmental goals. It brings together water supply, sanitation, storm- and wastewater management and integrates these with land use planning and economic development. An IUWM approach integrates planning for the water sector with other urban sectors, such as land, housing, energy, and transport to avoid fragmentation and duplication in policy- and decision-making. Cross-sector relationships are strengthened through a common working culture, collective goals and benefits are better articulated, and differences in power and resources can be negotiated. It includes the urban informal sector and marginalized communities”.

As we understood what Abbanoa is and how it operates, let’s focus on the reasons why the company decided to entrust on TDox software to digitize its internal business processes.

The need of mobile data

Abbanoa takes care of hydraulic installation and maintenance and what the company needed was the possibility to collect mobile data. As a matter of fact, Abbanoa wanted to control every intervention made by the subcontracted companies all over Sardinia for what concerned the hydraulic installation and maintenance.

In particular, the company needed to know:

  • Which operators were in the construction sites.
  • Their right position.
  • The various performed tasks.
  • Pictures that could certify the performed installations.

Basically, Abbanoa did not have a specific system to supervise all the activities, and this put the company in a difficult position since in this way it was impossible to guarantee that tasks were correctly performed. As we said, these tasks were performed by subcontracted firms, therefore it was harder for Abbanoa to have a complete control on the interventions. In order to solve this complication, Abbanoa decided to entrust on TDox software and, consequently, on the use of digital tools.

What kind of tools TDox provided to Abbanoa? How did it help the company to overcome these obstacles and have a better integrated urban water management? Read on to find it out!

integrated urban water management

Digital Solutions for Analogic Problems

TDox was in charge to solve Abbanoa’s analogic problems through the use of digital solutions. First of all, what is TDox? It is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which takes advantages of low code technology to digitize internal business processes and it makes them available both on webapp and on Android and iOS mobile apps. Therefore, it is possible to use TDox app on smartphone or tablet which means anywhere the operators are.

Indeed, this is the first advantage that a software like TDox could give: the possibility to collect mobile data. That’s fine, but how was possible? Our technicians helped Abbanoa’s IT department to create specific forms to fill out with the information required by the company. This was easier because TDox harnesses low code to create forms, so there is no need of code which allows to focus more on the aesthetics and functionalities.

Then, using the drag-and-drop tool TDox’s technicians implemented helpful features in the forms that operators had to fill out and send to the company. In fact, now there is the integration with the camera of the mobile device, so operators can take pictures of the interventions or notify anomalies and damages. These pictures can be easily attached to the form and thanks to the time stamp, TDox is able to record the exact moment when the picture is taken and, with the help of GPS coordinates, also the right place. Add to this, there is the digital signature which is very useful to certify once more the document. In the end, the system automatically checks if there are new documents and then it creates a csv to send to the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) of the company. A simplification that allows Abbanoa to receive information in real time thanks to the use of automation.

Additionally, it could happen that operators are performing a task in a place where connection is low, so there could be some troubles to fill out the report. With TDox this cannot happen anymore, because its engine is native offline which means that is set on the mobile device. Therefore, operators can keep working without any speed complications and, above all, without the fear of losing data, because they just have to synchronize data as soon as they get access to an internet connection. 

Eventually, we cannot forget the TDox agenda. This tool is very useful because Abbanoa can plan all the activities through this feature and warn the operators about urgencies or schedule changes. Therefore, they just have to check the agenda on TDox app to be updated regarding the daily tasks. Furthermore, the agenda revealed to be essential for Abbanoa for what concerns the possibility to create orders. Actually, if there is a malfunction, the operator collects data and through synchronization he creates and order, which can be ordinary, if it was created by back office, or extraordinary, if it was created by the operator on duty. Then, a mail is automatically sent to the operators to notify them about the new order. Automation, integration, and low code technology are some of the features that TDox guaranteed to Abbanoa to improve its integrated urban water management.

More control, better results with TDox

Adopting TDox software was a successfully choice for Abbanoa which can now guarantee more control on the operators and better results. This was possible just because TDox is a software that offers peculiar solutions to improve the internal business processes, in other words, solutions for your workforce.

Being able to have well-organized processes among the different departments is essential and crucial because it is the first step to assure a high-level service. The collaboration between TDox and Abbanoa brought great results and we are delighted to see how Abbanoa embraced the digital transformation.

Even after the implementation of TDox, our technicians support the company regarding maintenance of the app and new requests.

If you liked this success case and you want to know more about what TDox can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us! Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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