As the digital transformation advances within companies, time-to-market (TTM) is becoming more and more important. When we refer to time-to-market, we mean “the time from which a company initially conceives a product or service idea to the point when the actual product or service is accessible to buyers in the market” (Afonso et al., 2008). Especially for what concerns the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to minimize the time and cost of new product development (NPD).

As a matter of fact, in new global and competitive markets what is important is to be the first in everything: the first to deliver a specific product or the first to make a service accessible. This means that there is a real necessity for enterprises to reduce time-to-market in order to ensure success in the market. TTM is one of the essential product development KPIs or metrics and a top priority for business leaders.

Furthermore, Covid-19 pandemic represented a big driver of the digital transformation in the last two years and companies started to digitize their processes and to use new digital tools in order to respond to the new customers’ demands. In this sense, low code technology revealed to be one of the best solutions to reduce time-to-market, because it allows you to get that rapidity of processes that you need.

That’s fine, but what is low code and what are the other advantages that it gives you to reduce TTM? Read on to find it out!

Accelerate your processes with Low Code

Low code technology is an innovative approach to software development that involved a very little code. Through the use of low code, anyone can create apps no matter if you are an expert developer or a non-professional one, the so called “citizen developer”. Giving the possibility to anyone to create apps means accelerating any process and being able to promptly respond to the market new challenges, without the assistance of IT developers.

This assures to reduce costs because it eliminates the need for additional developers and it simultaneously avoids wastes of time since task that used to take months, now they can be completed in days or minute. Additionally, thanks to the support of prepackaged templates, drag-and-drop software and graphic design techniques, it is just required little hand-coding and it allows for easier application delivery. In this way, you can focus more on the aesthetic of the apps and their functionalities, instead of the syntax of the code.

Moreover, according to a survey performed by Forrester, low code development platforms accelerated development by 5 to 10 times, so availability of the apps is faster. A big advantage that is added to an easier maintenance of the apps, due to the little code to maintain, and an involvement of business profiles, because no technological knowledge is required and the final users of these apps become the developers, who have a deep knowledge about the business needs. This allows to have more specific and pertinent applications because they collaborate with IT department.

Eventually, related to this last benefit, the use of low code means that developers quickly build minimum viable products (MVP) to validate ideas and customer requirements before wasting resources on features and functionalities that customers may not value. In fact, one of the keys to the success of low code is that it provides possibilities for visualization or modeling of apps so that you are able to immediately make necessary changes to solutions and products. Another leverage that reduces time-to-market.


TDox: the low code platform that you need

We understood that low code technology can really accelerate time-to-market, but now you need a low code platform to start to digitize and improve your business processes. This platform is TDox, a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which harnesses low code technology to digitize internal business processes and it makes them available both on the webapp and on Android and iOS mobile apps. Additionally, TDox guarantees a high level of customization that consents you to personalize your applications exactly as you wish, by adding colors, logos and whatever you need.

In particular, TDox aims to offer simple solutions to facilitate your workforce activities by making them easier and automatic. This is a big difference between TDox and all the other low code providers, because they mostly aim to propose solutions for the final consumer, but they do not focus on the internal business processes that happen before the product or service is available on the market. 

Therefore, you will find tools like the TDox agenda, which can be very helpful to plan activities and operations. Through this tool, employees can be notified about urgencies, deadlines, or schedule changes so you can get rid of other dispersive communication tools like emails or instant messaging software. Furthermore, TDox has a camera integration that means that it is integrated with the camera of your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), so you can take pictures to make more detailed reports and read barcodes. This is a very helpful tool that simplifies these kinds of activities to your employees who have to write reports or read barcodes, reducing mistakes and increasing their satisfaction.

Then, since TDox aims to digitize the internal processes of your business, there is another significant feature: TDox can be used offline. Actually, its engine is native offline, that means it is set on your mobile device. Indeed, if your employees have to work in places where connection is low, they can keep doing it without any speed complications and without the fear of losing all data. They only have to synchronize data as soon as they get access to an internet connection.

In the end, do not forget that TDox has a cloud archive. All your documents can be saved on TDox cloud (XP Cloud) which is managed by our team, freeing you up from updates and other problems. Otherwise, you can use your cloud (Private Cloud) to get your own customized version of the software hosted on your cloud.

Be the first with TDox

To be the first in the market you need to entrust on the right tools and TDox is absolutely that right ally you need. Having well-organized internal business processes allows to have employees more focused on their tasks who can use better their talents. Ensuring a safe job environment is fundamental to have satisfied employees which assures a huge advantage for your business.

As a result of this, providing to your company the low code technology through TDox is a big boost that consents you to minimize time-to-market and avoid any kind of waste, especially the waste of money.

Eventually, thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your own process and get the digitization in business that you need.

So, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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