digital transformation in maintenance

Among the various enterprises that entrusted on TDox to digitize their business, we want to mention B&O Impianti, an Italian company that deals with electrical systems installation and maintenance. Its headquarters are set in the north of Italy, more precisely in Lonato del Garda, near Brescia. The collaboration between B&O and TDox marked the first step for the company to get that digital transformation in maintenance that it needed, by adopting digital tools that improved the company’s standard levels.

B&O troubles, like many others company have, concerned the lack of digitization of the main intervention management activities. Let’s see in detail what kind of complications the company had to face.

Problems to overcome

The first complication was the lack of standard forms helpful to write down employees’ working hours. As a matter of fact, the administrative management was very problematic, since it was completely improvised each time by the operator on duty, who acted according to his parameters and criteria. It is clear that having every time different forms made life very hard to the people who had to manage the administrative part to guarantee that, at the end of the month, everything is in order.

Then, the second problem regarded the traceability of all interventions performed by the technicians. The activities management was done via paper, actually everything was noted on sheets that at the end of the day were delivered to the office. What is wrong with this operation? Basically, sheets often got ruined or they were lost, putting administration people in a difficult position when they had to copy that information on computer.

The third and last complication was related to delays in issuing invoices. Even in this case, the use of data written on paper slowed down all the process of invoices issue. Moreover, material classification was not always clear and the available time to check and to transfer any information in the form of an invoice was short.

For these reasons, B&O decided to pursuit that digital transformation in maintenance that was necessary to improve its internal business processes and, to do that, it entrusted on TDox. How TDox software managed to help this company to scale and simplify its processes? Read on to find it out!

digital transformation in maintenance

Digital and simple solutions

TDox is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which harnesses the low code technology to digitize internal business processes and it makes them available both on the webapp and on Android and iOS mobile apps. Thanks to low code anyone can create apps, no matter if you are an expert developer or a non-professional one (the so called “citizen developer”). In fact, you have at your disposal tools like the drag-and-drop tool which simplifies the apps creation process. In this way, B&O employees could create standard forms helpful to correctly write down the working hours and, on account of this, the employees’ bookkeeping increased of 85%.

Moreover, the use of digital data and automation facilitated interventions traceability, because the operators can fill out the report by smartphone or tablet making the compiling process easier, since TDox shows up the different options as soon as they tap a section on their mobile device. As a result of this, people in the office automatically receive the update, and the documentation is saved on the Cloud archive. Data collection is now faster, and B&O can get rid of paper and all the complications it implies.

Additionally, another feature that helped a lot the digitization of the company was the automatic creation of Excel files without data entry needed. This made more comfortable issuing invoices and, consequently, it allowed the company to say goodbye to all the wasted time spent on copying the paper reports on computer, and to reduce of 90% the time needed to issue invoices. A huge improvement that consented to avoid different kind of disruptions: maintenance communications, copying mistakes, or loss of crucial information or documents.

Eventually, we cannot forget the possibility to work offline with TDox. Indeed, its engine is native offline which means that it is set on the mobile device. Therefore, if operators are working in a place where connection is low or absent, they can keep working without any fear of loosing data and without any speed complications, because they just have to synchronize data as soon as they get access to an internet connection. Another solution that allowed technicians to work better and safer.

Digital transformation in maintenance achieved with TDox

As you could see, digital transformation in maintenance was achieved by B&O Impianti thanks to the help of TDox. Add to the features that TDox offered to the company to solve its problems, TDox brought other tools helpful to manage the maintenance in a digital view. We are talking about the agenda and dashboards that are crucial to schedule works, manage supplies, and identify impending problems.

Being able to have under control each process allowed B&O to have a predictive maintenance, that means predicting a malfunction and performing maintenance controls within a specific lapse of time. To do that, you need to have well-organized processes and use the right software which can give you these benefits.

Furthermore, our technicians supported B&O’s IT department to create their digital processes and helped them in case of troubles or mistakes

So, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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