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Talking about digitization in logistics, we want to tell you another success case where the adoption of digital tools represented a real turning point for a logistic company. It is the case of Lindbergh SPA which decided to digitize its business through the use of tools provided by TDox in order to improve its internal business processes and to offer the best possible service.

Let’s start understanding what Lindbergh is: it is an Italian company, with headquarters in Cremona, Lombardy, specialized in logistics and environment services. As a matter of fact, the enterprise is able to capillary supply its service all over Italy and it can do it thanks to its transport network made up of own vehicles and employees. Basically, its core business concerns the nocturnal supply of:

  • Spare parts
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE, such as gloves, safety harnesses, work helmets etc.)
  • Washing, sanitizing, and fixing workwear
  • Special wastes disposal

Lindbergh is an active company that works in a B2B environment, and its goal is to guarantee a high level of efficiency to the customers, that means making them save time in order to assure that their technicians are always ready, and the company can be competitive.

Which were the complications that Lindbergh had to face? Why did it entrust on TDox to make the necessary step to the digitization in logistics that it needed? Read on to find it out and how TDox was able to solve these problems.

Analogic Obstacles

Before getting that digitization in logistics that Lindbergh needed, it had to solve two main “analogic” obstacles:

  1. The first one referred to the complexity of tracking in a precise manner the delivery and collection of goods. In particular, it was impossible to certify company’s interventions for what concerned the failed deliveries. Being able to constantly track everything is fundamental, because it allows to have every activity under control and to timely intervene in case of inconvenience.
  2.  The second problem was related to the loss of returns, packaging and the taking charge of material that was different to the one that had been established before. A real problem, especially if you consider that there was not objective data to entrust on in case of misunderstandings or controversies with customers.

What was the best way to solve these problems? Lindbergh decided to entrust on a software and to start to digitize all the operations that took place on field. In fact, trying to solve these problems via paper would be impossible, as well as a waste of time, since the company would have to wait every employee to go back to the office with all documentations that certified the performed interventions.

Therefore, here TDox came by assuring the digitization in logistics needed by Lindbergh. Let’s see what kind of solutions TDox offered to the logistic company!

digitization in logistics

A digital change with TDox

Let’s start with the tracking problem. Thanks to the use of digital data, information collected by the operators are directly sent to the office. What does it mean? Basically, that TDox takes advantage of automation for what concerns data collection and communication: actually, as soon as an operator fills out a report, the system automatically creates an email with the attached report and it sends it to the office, avoiding the process of downloading the file and writing a new mail. A simplification of a procedure that can be done by smartphone or tablet, essentially anywhere they are, so Lindbergh can receive information in real time concerning the performed interventions.

Add to this, there could be the chance that Lindbergh’s operators are delivering some goods in a place where connection is low, so there could be some troubles to fill out the report. With TDox this cannot happen anymore, because its engine is native offline which means that is set on the mobile devices. Therefore, operators can keep working without any speed complications and, above all, without the fear of losing data, because they just have to synchronize data as soon as they get access to an internet connection. A huge advantage that allows Lindbergh’s operators to work better and safer.

Furthermore, TDox provided useful tools, such as:

  • Digital signature. A simple implementation that guarantees the actual good delivery.
  • GPS detection. Helpful to know where the operators are and to manage them to choose the nearest free one who can be sent to deliver goods to another customer.
  • Camera integration. Through the integration of TDox with the camera of the mobile devices, it is possible to take pictures, in case of anomalies or damaged packages, which can be attached to the report in order to have a more detailed document.

Eventually, we cannot forget about two important features that TDox provided to Lindbergh: we are talking about the agenda and dashboards. With the agenda, Lindbergh can plan more precisely all the interventions to perform, and it can send a notification to its employees, warning them about urgencies or schedule changes. Then, with dashboards the company is able to manage all the operations and to control the progress of the different interventions. In case of lost packages, or wrong deliveries, for instance, the operators can notify the disruption on the TDox app, so at the headquarter people are aware of the problem and can promptly react to solve it.

A step into digitization in logistics with TDox

These solutions adopted by Lindbergh have been crucial for the enterprise, because they allowed the company to make the step into digitization in logistics that the company was looking for. With the help of TDox, Lindbergh is now competitive in its market, and it is not a coincidence that the company won the Smau’s Digital Innovation Award in 2015, a prize that goes to those organizations that are able to get high results by adopting innovative strategies. A big recognition that witnesses the importance of processes digitization.

TDox, which is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP), harnessed the low code technology to offer to Lindbergh digital solutions to achieve its goals. The result of this partnership is a big success that allowed the company to improve and to reach higher standard levels.

Furthermore, our technicians supported Lindbergh’s IT department to create their own automation process, to get the digitization they need, and to help them in case of troubles or mistakes.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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