Have you ever noticed how using the right tool can make a huge difference in your business? This could be obvious, but unfortunately it is not like that, and many companies are still struggling to understand the right path to follow. Today, we want to tell you about Rustici SPA, an Italian aluminum railway components manufacturer, which has reduced data acquisition time of 90% with a high usability improvement thanks to the use of the right tool.

First of all, we need to start with QUINN University Consortium that was born in the first years of 90’s from a Roberto Mirandola’s idea, teacher at the Pisa university. His original intention was to create a “practical community” among the most important Italian enterprises which were interested in Total Quality Management, in order to facilitate the exchange of experiences “on field” and applied research.

For over a decade QUINN Consortium has expanded its range of action by becoming partner of all those companies that are engaged with processes transformation. It delivers operative and methodological support for what concerns operations and supply chain. The goal is to create concrete results of improvement (e.g., productivity, lead time, on time delivery) which can be measured by specific KPI.

The offered services harness the most recent operative approaches (for instance Lean Manufacturing techniques, AI assisted simulations, Agile Project Management) and include the support toward the adoption of “Industry 4.0” paradigm. QUINN Consortium, if it is confronted with the most famous consulting firms, offers a real problem-solving service (developed with qualified academic partners) which puts in the first place a specific and concrete company necessity, without the demand of importing mainstream solutions. Project manager engr. Filippo Guidi, who works with his team in the Business Unit “Innovation & Performance Excellence” directed by engr. Ilaria Campana, has talked about this project realized by QUINN Consortium.

“The project has been realized for the company Rustici SPA which has requested a mechanical welding department reengineering which can create big dimension components for rail vehicles” – says Filippo. “Rustici SPA is an Italian excellence, with headquarter in Montale, Pistoia, Tuscany, that is in a constant and rapid growth, and it has clients all over the world.” Furthermore, the project has been made working side by side with Rustici Management, that was aware of the importance to invest on processes digitization, and with the direct participation of operative resources to realize solutions that could really respond to the practical necessities of the main users.

Digital Advantage

“The project, beyond the productivity process re-design, had the urgency to radically transform the data production acquisition activity in order to have a timely analysis of processes and to deliver information to the management to promptly intervene. Practically” – continues Filippo – “data collection was done via paper, a very expensive procedure that was made by the department staff (which was already busy with the operational tasks). After that, data was digitized by other operators. The result? Well, a big waste of time and monthly information regarding the production (which was not complete and trustworthy due to the manual data entry) that was available only at the third week of the following month”.

“Once the process was digitized and simplified, data was available the next day with an immediate benefit for all the management. Through the use of tablets in which it is installed the TDox software, operators can now insert production data” – even without connection, since TDox can work offline – “on five forms that have been created according to their specific needs. Then, data is sent to cloud, and it is immediately available to be extracted and analyzed.” Shortly: now with TDox there is a spare of time and a more trustworthiness of data.


Looking for an intuitive and immediate tool

Choosing a tool can make a great difference in a digitization project, because the risk is that the tool can be difficult to understand from the operators, who are used to work using papers. “It was our Business Units” reports engr. Campana “that chose to adopt this agile and intuitive support, after an accurate market analysis”. “Beyond the ease of development of the various data collection forms” – continues Ilaria – “what has made the difference was the positive impact that the app had on the users, who find a very simple and clear interface, which allows to all the operators (even the ones who are not so confident with the use of technological tools) to rapidly insert information. Moreover, another factor that made us choose TDox was its Italianness. In fact, having a so adaptable software in Italian (with its related langue support), allows to avoid misunderstandings that you can meet when you have suppliers that come from different countries.

The best feedback comes from the users

The success of the project comes when every user comprehends the value he or she daily creates, and managers are able to recognize the improvement the company had related to the previous experience. “Now, department managers that do not have this software yet are forcing to get it and this is the best answer that we could expect” – concludes Ilaria.

Digitization with TDox

As you could understand TDox helps your workforce to make the necessary step to digitization of your business. Simple and immediate features that allow your employees to work better. Furthermore, through the use of automation, TDox frees them up, so they can focus on more strategic works and develop their talents instead of spending time working on redundant and tedious tasks.
Ensuring that your workforce works with ease and allowing your employees to use better their skills consents to create a safe environment in your company where people are appreciated and motivated in improving their work.

Furthermore, thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development digitization goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your own automation process and get the digitization in business that you need.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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