Have you ever heard about industry 4.0? We are talking about the digital transformation of manufacturing and related industries and value creation processes. In particular, as I-Scoop reports, we can define it as “the information-intensive transformation of manufacturing (and related industries) in a connected environment of big data, people, processes, services, systems and IoT-enabled industrial assets with the generation, leverage and utilization of actionable data and information as a way and means to realize smart industry and ecosystems of industrial innovation and collaboration”. One of the technological techniques to create a smart industry is the use of intelligent automation. In this article we want to focus on two automation components: robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

First of all, we need to underline that intelligent automation represents nowadays a big contribution to improve performances in a company. Actually, robotic process automation (RPA) brings significant advantages, because it automates repetitive and tedious tasks that humans have to do. As Science Direct reports “The advent of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is paving the way for new ways to automate mundane rules-based business processes, using RPA tools on information obtained from smart devices. For business processes, RPA is the extrapolation of a human worker’s repetitive tasks by a robot (where those tasks are done quickly and profitably). This aims to replace people by automation in an outside-in manner”.

Robots never get bored, and they do not have to stop to take a break, therefore the level of productivity is higher. Furthermore, the accuracy level is also increased, since in this way human errors are minimized and so are the costs associated with it. Additionally, time to complete tasks is also increased, due to the fact that with RPA it is 4-5 time faster, which helps to boost efficiency.

Eventually, automate processes is essential to develop employee’s morale. In fact, it frees up your workforce from repetitive and redundant tasks, so they can focus on more strategic activities. This allows you to get the best from them because they can use better their talents.

Artificial Intelligence

We said that robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are fundamental elements that bring relevant benefits to the manufactory industry. Since we talked about RPA, let’s concentrate now on the second component: the artificial intelligence. What is it? In order to define it, we borrow the John McCarthy’s definition in this 2004 paper: “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.”

In a historical period like this where most of the companies are facing the digital transformation, it is crucial to adopt new digital solutions in order to be competitive in a market that keeps changing. Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the process of digital transformation, so digitalizing business processes is now imperative. As a matter of fact, once again Science Direct reports that “The use of AI makes the manufacturing industry smart and capable of addressing modern challenges like customizable requirements, reduced time to reach the market and increasing number of sensors used in equipment. The use of flexible robots combined with AI allows for easier manufacturing of different products. AI methods (like data mining) are capable of analyzing large volumes of real- time data gathered from various sensors”.

Moreover, one of the key factors for intelligent automation success is the combining of RPA with AI. As a result of this, Deloitte research reports that This approach appears to be the most powerful factor helping organizations increase revenue. Organizations combining the two report an increase in revenue by nine per cent on average, while those that do not increase revenues by only three per cent on average. Almost half (45 per cent) of organizations scaling automation combine RPA and AI, while only 20 per cent of organizations piloting and 36 per cent of those implementing are doing the same”.

According to what we said, now we want to focus on a software that harnesses RPA and artificial intelligence to digitize and simplify your internal business processes. Read on to find out what we are talking about.


Automation at your service with TDox

TDox is a multi-experience development platform (MXDP) which offers automation tools to get digitized and to make your workforce activities easier. In fact, TDox aims to propose solutions to facilitate the internal business processes in order to allow your employees to deliver the best possible product. Having well-organized procedures among the various departments of your organization can be the key to achieve that goal. Through the use of low code technology, TDox provides to your IT department the possibility to create apps faster and simpler. Furthermore, you have at your disposal a drag-and-drop tool which is very helpful during the app creation process.

Nevertheless, where do we find RPA in TDox? Basically, TDox takes advantages of RPA for what concerns data collection and communication. One case occurs in maintenance: once the job is done, you can send a complete report with all the information regarding the maintenance work directly to the client. A prefilled email with the attached document will be sent in automatic, so it will avoid you to download the file, and write a new mail by yourself with the attached report. This procedure can be done by a smartphone or a tablet, so essentially with a click.

Then, another case in which TDox uses automation is the automatic creation of Excel files without data entry needed. This can be very useful in case you have to keep recorded a register with the right quantity of material in your stock. A simple solution that allows you to save time and energies. Add to this, you have the agenda which is very helpful to plan your activities and operations. Actually, thanks to automation, the agenda can send you notifications regarding deadlines, urgencies, and schedule changes. In this way you will always be updated on what is going on in your company and so your employees will, since the agenda simplifies the communication, because everyone will receive notifications, avoiding dispersive instant communication tools which can create confusion. One single app to do everything.

In the end, TDox plans to add artificial intelligence to insert vocal commands and to make predictive data entry works. What does it mean? Well, the system learns what you do and how you fill out reports, so it can help you to fill them out in your place. You just have to check them at the end and send the document. As you can see, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are critical functions that improve your internal business processes.

Offline and competitive at the same time

Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are keys to unlock business growth in your company and at the same time they are important features that help you to be competitive in the market. TDox offers you tools that harness the automation, but also tools which can allow you to collect data simpler.

In particular, TDox can be used offline. Actually, its engine is native offline, that means it is set on your mobile device. Indeed, if your employees have to work in places where connection is low, they can keep doing it without any speed complications and without the fear of losing all data. They only have to synchronize data as soon as they get access to an internet connection.

Ensuring that your workforce works with ease and allowing your employees to use better their talents consents to create a safe environment in your company where people are appreciated and motivated in improving their work. If you want to have a product that reflects high quality standards, first you need to ensure that your workforce has all the right tools to deliver the best product or service they can. Having happier employees allows to have better results.

Thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your own automation process.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!






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