Automation, automation, automation. We keep reading and listening to articles, blogs, companies that refer to automation and the use of workflow automation software as key-points to be competitive in this post pandemic economic environment. Nevertheless, these technologies are not new, so why are we talking now about workflow automation software?

According to Augusto Barros, Gartner’s VP analyst, there are two main answers to this question: the first one is the need of workflow automation. In fact, previously automation was not so needed because virtualization was still not everywhere. Furthermore, a smaller pace of change and size of the technology environments did not require the use of automation.

The second answer concerns the tools. Automation already existed, but integration was difficult to make, since there were just a few APIs available from different security tools, and they were not standardized and not simple as the APIs we see today. Moreover, there was not the option to orchestrate the work of multiple independent solutions, but you had to include all required capabilities in a single tool. Basically, the entire menu of tools to be centrally orchestrated did not exist.

Nowadays, with cloud, new developments and technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, or vocal assistants, it is imperative for organizations to be able to adapt and react faster. At the required scale, that is only possible through the use of workflow automation software.

What is Workflow Automation?

We talked about workflow automation, but what is it? Essentially, it is the process of using ruled-based logic to launch a series of tasks on their own without human intervention. Thanks to that, it is possible to send email, set up reminders, schedule tasks, trigger drip campaigns, and more.

A simple and clear example could be a website visitor that submits a form in your site: after that, he will receive an email where, for example, he will be requested to schedule a meeting. Then, it will click through the meeting scheduler and an appointment will be created. Consequently, a thank you email will be sent to the lead, confirming the date and time, and the CRM will create a new task and assign it to a salesperson. Eventually, the salesperson will reach out personally, ending the automated workflow.

To do so, you need a workflow automation software and, as you can see, the automation of this process can help you to eliminate human errors and allows you to focus on more strategic works, where your employees can use better their talents. Of course, with workflow automation you can save time and money, diminish errors, and boost your productivity, because you leverage self-operating processes that run manual tasks.

Which department can harness the advantages of workflow automation? Well, we can say that almost every department can benefit from it: marketing, human resources, or finance can get a big improvement with automation. Linked to that, you find robotic process automation (RPA) and business process automation (BPA) which support you in the automation of your processes, read this article to find out more.

workflow automation software

Workflow Automation with TDox

Now that we understood what workflow automation is, let’s concentrate on TDox’s workflow automation and why it could be a great ally in your business. TDox is a multiexperience development platform with a low-code technology that allows you to create apps with ease, because everyone can create apps, even if they have not a technological background. Like other software, TDox offers you automation solutions that help to accelerate the digital transformation of your enterprise.

So, TDox offers you a workflow automation software like others do, but what is the difference? Firstly, TDox aims to create internal business processes among employees that are clearer and more immediate, therefore it gives you access to automation tools that target to your workforce. Actually, TDox strongly believes that having well-organized and simple procedures among the different departments of a company represents the first step to make in order to offer the best possible product or service.

Secondly, always because TDox aims to your workforce, its engine is native offline, that means it is set on your mobile device. Indeed, companies can have connection problems, especially if they work in parts of the world where connection is low. Therefore, with TDox you have your automation tools on your device, and you can work offline without any speed complications. You only have to synchronize your data as soon as you get access to an internet connection.

For these reasons, in TDox you will find tools that automate internal procedures like the agenda to plan your activities, which can send you notifications to remind you urgencies, deadlines, or schedule changes. In this way, it is possible to simplify communication among you and all your employees. Add to this, TDox is integrated with external data that means that through API it makes possible to write your own custom tables; read and create events; read PDFs; read multimedia files. Different functions to simplify your work and get the transparency you need in your organization.

In conclusion, we can implement any feature that is not available in TDox in your own customized version of the software (XP or Private Cloud) hosted on your cloud. Its high level of customization allows you to customize your applications exactly as you wish: add color, logo, and all the features that you need can be implemented. Automation, integration, and cloud capabilities are some of the features that TDox can guarantee you to improve your internal business processes.

Choose TDox, your ally in your automation processes

As we said, TDox gives you helpful tools to automate your process and get the best from your employees. Entrusting on TDox’s workflow automation software means allow your employees to focus on activities that produce revenue, to improve the efficiency, and to get a significant cost reduction.

Through the use of low-code and automation tools, you can make the necessary step to digital transformation and be competitive in this new business and economic environment post pandemic.

Thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your own automation process.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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