Automation is getting more and more important as processes are becoming more and more automated. Actually, we are seeing human workers that are moving from repetitive and high-volume tasks to activities that require finer cognitive insight. What does it mean? Well, basically that it is necessary to have more sophisticated automation technologies. In this article we want to get deeper in the world of automation by making a comparison between hyperautomation and intelligent automation.

When we talk about hyperautomation and intelligent automation, we cannot omit robotic process automation (RPA) that, according to Gartner, “is a noninvasive integration technology used to automate routine, repetitive, and predictable tasks through orchestrated UI interactions that emulate human actions”. We can define two types of RPA:

  • Assisted. Bots are deployed on an individual desktop and human workers accomplish certain aspects of the task, relying on the bot to do other more complex part of the process.
  • Unassisted. Bots are deployed on a centralized server, allowing manual control. This RPA automate end-to-end tasks from a central point of control.

If RPA focus on automating repetitive rules-based processes, intelligent automation involves the use of automation technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), business process management (BPM), and of course robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline and scale tasks and decision-making across organizations.

Thanks to intelligent automation the processes are simpler, and it is possible to tackle complex tasks in real time and drastically workflows, unlocking new possibilities to create value and achieve sustained growth. As IBM reports, IA enables businesses to do the following:

  • Reduce costs through workforce augmentation and productivity improvements.
  • Increase process and data accuracy as well as quality through consistent processes, approaches, and Intelligent Business Process Management (IBPM).
  • Improve the customer experience by providing faster response times, higher quality products and more accurate answers to inquiries.
  • Address compliance and regulations with a consistent approach to security, reporting and many other processes.
  • Respond to market and environmental changes. (Fluctuating markets and workforce behaviors, resulting from disruptors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are a forcing function for change in many areas of business.)

Hyperautomation: when automation gets hyper

As we said, there is a difference between hyperautomation and intelligence automation. We have just talked about IA, now let’s concentrate on what hyperautomation is. To do so, we need to ask again the help of Gartner’s definition, which defines hyperautomation as “the combination of multiple machine learning, packaged software, and automation tools to deliver work”.

Basically, hyperautomation is the act of automating everything in a company that can be automated. The intent is to streamline processes using intelligent process automation (IPA), which includes AI, RPA, and other technologies to run without human intervention. Therefore, hyperautomation helps you to create more data that can be analyzed to understand process performance and can also focus on entire procedures that have structured and unstructured data.

It is not a coincidence that Gartner considers hyperautomation to be one of the top-10 strategic technology trends. In fact, according to Gartner, 85% of participants will “either increase or sustain their organization’s hyperautomation investments over the next 12 months, and over 56% already have four or more concurrent hyperautomation initiatives.”

So, what is the difference between hyperautomation and intelligent automation? Essentially, intelligent automation is comprised of RPA, AI, and ML. Hyperautomation is a business-driven approach that enterprises use to identify, vet, and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. For this reason, IA is often used within hyperautomation efforts.

The Automation that you need with TDox

The aim of TDox is to create functional applications to simplify and optimize the workforce. How can it do that? Through the use of hyperautomation and intelligent automation TDox wants to improve your work organization. In this way, it aims to reduce expenses and increase the productivity. Actually, robots do not get tired, and they do not have to stop to take a break: this frees up your employees who can focus on more strategic works.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to create your apps thanks to the automatic tools that TDox can offer. As a matter of fact, you have at your disposal drag-and-drop, through which you automate more processes and make the creation of apps and forms easier than ever. With TDox anyone can create apps, both professional and non-professional developers can use it to meet business demands for development, automate processes, and accelerate digital transformation.

No more paper needed, manage your activities from your pc, smartphone, or tablet and get the full multi-experience that TDox can give you. Moreover, you can customize your applications exactly as you wish: add color, logo, and all the features that you need can be implemented. Our technicians will help and support you through all the app creation process and if you require any feature that is not available in TDox, they can implement it in your own version of the software (XP or Private Cloud) hosted on your cloud.

Eventually, TDox is integrated with external data that means that through API it makes possible to write your own custom tables; read and create events; read PDFs; read multimedia files. Different functions to simplify your work and get the transparency you need in your organization. Automation, integration, and cloud capabilities are some of the features that TDox can guarantee you, so do not waste more time and start to reorganize your work.

Find your High-Value Solution

As you could see, hyperautomation and intelligent automation can give a significant boost to your work management. Choosing TDox means choosing a high-value solution that guarantees for your company scalability, security, and governance. Embracing the digital transformation is a required condition for organizations that do not want to disappear. In this sense, TDox hyperautomation helps your company to get digitized by offering simple and modern solutions that satisfy your needs.

Being ready to face the future is one of the most important goals that companies need to achieve nowadays. To do so, TDox results to be the best ally to have to face all the challenges that future has set aside for you.

Thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your own automation process.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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