Why do you have to be happy with one single way to experience an activity? Especially, when there are various and different possibilities to live the same experience. This is what Gartner says from its last reports: trying to give a technology insight for multi-experience development platform (MXDP).

Gartner is not the only one that is talking about it, but more and more organizations are defining themselves as MXPD: what do they mean? Let’s start with focusing on the giant steps that technology has been taking for the last 20 years.

Considering that, nowadays we have so many ways to experience a particular activity. We are talking about all the technological devices such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets, but also the new technologies like virtual reality (VR) and the augmented reality (AR). Moreover, do not forget the vocal devices such as Alexa or Google Home, through which you can do research just with the help of your voice.

As you can see, we are in a new way of experiencing, a full 360° experience that involves all our senses. Gartner makes it very clear: the future of app development is multiexperience and companies need to be aware of this, otherwise the risk is to disappear.

Read on to find out more about MXDP and how TDox can help you to scale and face the next challenges that are going to show up.


We talked about a global experience that connect each customer and employee touchpoint through fit-for-purpose applications. The aim is to make every interaction across the user journey effortless. Therefore, a 360°experience that is as much complete as possible. But what does Gartner mean with Multi-Experience Development Platform? Here is the definition:

MXDPs serve to centralize life cycle activities — designing, developing, testing, distributing, managing, and analyzing — for a portfolio of multiexperience apps. Multiexperience refers to the various permutations of modalities (e.g., touch, voice, and gesture), devices and apps that users interact with on their digital journey across the various touchpoints. Multiexperience development involves creating fit-for-purpose apps based on touchpoint-specific modalities, while at the same time ensuring a consistent user experience across web, mobile, wearable, conversational and immersive touchpoints.

The idea is to create apps that are available from different devices and offer disparate opportunities to have a complete and full experience. This is what makes the distinction among one organization and the others.

The market is rapidly evolving, and we have to consider the fact that the actual leaders might not stay leaders for long. For this reason, enterprises want a strategic approach to develop apps that engage users. There is the necessity to stop using one tool for each touchpoint in order to offer an amazing experience that customers can crave with velocity, security, and reliability.


With TDox managing your activities is much easier because it gives you all the tools you need to have an excellent experience. Actually, you have your day-to-day tasks integrated into one place which creates internal efficiencies that are highly scalable. Furthermore, TDox allows you to create apps faster and includes access to front-end and back-end development tools. At the same time, it can get a faster feedback cycle which allows you to enhance your digital experience simpler.

Besides, you can build apps with your own custom data and logic thanks to its high level of customization. In fact, our technicians are here to help and support you through all the process of your app’s creation. Just ask them what you need and how your process should be, ask them for advice, and create the perfect app that satisfy all your requirements.

You have to know that if you want to add any feature that is not available in our software, we can implement it and integrate it on your own customized version of the software (XP or Private Cloud) hosted on your cloud.

Eventually, do not forget that you can take advantage of all the automations tools that TDox can offer. Indeed, with drag-and-drop you automate more and more processes and get finally what you need for your enterprise: scalability, security, and governance. Our continual innovation makes us the right multi-experience platform for today and tomorrow.


Choose a real and customized experience, choose TDox. Have a technology insight for multi-experience development platform, build applications rapidly, reduce the downtimes, and optimize the managing of your work. TDox is a multi-experience development achievable for all developers in an enterprise. How is it possible? Well, TDox is a low-code platform, so basically anyone can create apps. Professional and non-professional developers can use it to meet business demands for automate processes and accelerate digital transformation.

As we said at the beginning of this article, it is becoming more and more imperative to adapt the multi-experience in your business and TDox is the ideal solution to be updated and ready to face the future.

Thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your automation processes and get the multi-experience platform that you need.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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