If you are wondering why hyperautomation in manufacturing is so important, you are in the right place. In this article we want to talk about a new approach to simplify and automate the manufacturing management.

The use of technology and automated processes can get you a big boost to your work, because they help you to reduce the percentage of mistakes and avoid any downtime.

A lot of manufacturing companies still do not use technological tools to fulfill their activities. This happens because either they do not have the right knowledge regarding these new solutions (they struggle to understand the difference among the various automation software) or they do not trust in technological features, because they prefer to do as they always did.

In order to comprehend better the importance of hyperautomation in manufacturing, let’s start to figure out what hyperautomation is.

What is Hyperautomation?

According to Gartner’s definition,

Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible.

Gartner – 2021

Basically, the idea is to automate everything that can be automated within an organization. So, the next question could be: why do I have to automate as many processes as possible in my manufacturing company?

Well, it is clear that automation implicates various benefits such as an optimized productivity, as long as automation can perform faster than humans and can make less mistakes. Furthermore, hyperautomation helps you to create more data that can be analyzed to understand process performance and can also focus on entire procedures that have structured and unstructured data.

Eventually, hyperautomation in manufacturing brings an increase of innovation (for instance, humans spend less time on task-oriented work and can free up their time to innovate higher business added-value), and a continuous improvement cycle, where the automation provides data for fact-based decisions on what to automate next.

What Hyperautomation can do for Industries

Hyperautomation encompasses the identification of tasks, agility in the reuse of automated processes, and their capabilities. In this way, it aims to reduce expenses and increase, how we said before, the productivity. Of course, industries may take this information to make business choices better and timelier.

As a matter of fact, hyperautomation enhances all business procedures that need to be identified and automated. It can be advantageous in companies that still have to understand the improvement of automation.

TDox works right in this way by offering simple solutions to allow all the manufacturing companies to take the opportunity to evolve and choose the best way to hyperautomate their processes. Moreover, with TDox you have a real 360° experience using various modalities (e.g., voice or touch) and devices (pc, smartphone, and tablet). A brand-new way to transcend the constraints of previous methodologies to automate business activities.

In addition, do not forget the high level of customization that TDox offers. Actually, you can personalize your apps and webapps exactly as you wish, inserting peculiars and specific functions that you need for your business to create a very unique solution.

Take the next step with TDox

So, what are you waiting for? Automation has been used worldwide for many years; however, it has become imperative to adapt to hyperautomation with daily changing technological developments. TDox can help you to take the unavoidable next step, thanks to simple and modern solutions that satisfy your needs.

Experts and everyday users agree with the fact that TDox is the perfect application platform of choice for workplace innovation, application modernization, and get the hyperautomation in manufacturing.

Thanks to our peculiar application development, we help you to achieve your rapid development goals. Our technicians are here to support you and lead you to create your automation processes.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about TDox and what it can do for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in seeing what TDox looks like in action, request a free demo, and discover a new world of opportunities. We’re low coding your business apps!

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