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TDox is native offline

What does it mean that TDox is native offline?

Basically, that it is set on your mobile device, that means no more speed complications because you can work offline.

Companies can have internet connection problems or their employees have to work in places of the world where connection is low.

With TDox your have you automation tools on your device, you work offline, and you just have to synchronize your data as soon as you get access to an internet connection. A simple solution that helps your employees work in the best situation, by avoiding any disruptions.


What we do
for you

Save your time and effort

Save your time and effort

Thanks to Hyperautomation Workflow, TDox makes your processes faster and helps you to avoid any kind of disruption.
Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience

TDox is a MXDP (Multiexperience Development Platform), so you can get a very immersive experience through the use of various modalities (e.g. voice or touch) and devices.
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

You can personalize all your activities with the help of our technicians. You will have the right solution that fulfills your needs.
Make your processes more cost-efficient and trasparent

Make your processes more cost-efficient and trasparent

By automating tasks, you ensure best practices are implemented to improve overall operational efficiency. With TDox you have a RPA technology really easy to use.

TDox treats processes in its unique way, everything is focused around what matters most to the customer: data itself.

Andrea Razio – CEO and Founder of TDox


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of TDox

TDox is the low-code software that allows you to enter in a completely new way of thinking. A simple, fast and specific platform that helps you to get inside the automation world, thanks to its amazing features. Let’s check them out!

01. Multi-Experience

As new touchpoints are showing up, TDox can offer you a multiexperience development platform in order to centralize life cycle activities such as designing, developing, analyzing, testing, managing and distributing.

02. App Development

Create unique and specific apps which you can use on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, with TDox you might take advantage of mobile features, for example camera and location awareness.

03. Data Integration

Integrate data from different sources into a single dataset and simplify the exchange of information. TDox makes your processes easier and faster.

04. Cloud

Get access to the XP-Cloud and avoid the wrangle of cloud operations with a perfect low-code solution on market. Otherwise, you might connect to the Private Cloud, so we will host your TDox version on your private Cloud (Azure, Google Cloud or AWS) in order to reduce any inconvenience.

05. Intelligent Automation

You are able to deliver end-to-end process automation through the use of applications that can put people, data and systems together.

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Change the way you build your Apps

Meet the Multiexperience Development Platform!

With TDox low-code development you can build your apps in a faster and easier way.

Choose to give your IT team the right tools in order to avoid any kind of delay and create the perfect apps suitable for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Support your business needs and deliver easy-to-use mobile apps to your end users via web app.

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Easy to Edit and Simple to Control

We want to guarantee to our customers solutions that can really ease their most complex processes. How to do that? With a software extremely customizable that satisfies all their requirements.

TDox offers you a real opportunity to improve your technical activities and to have complete control on every procedure and operation that occurs in your daily routine.

Reports in Real Time

Get you reports in real time from complex analyses and manage your activities directly on cloud, so documentation is always at your fingertips.

Ensure an organized and clear system by being always up-to-date, simply by checking the mobile app on your smartphone. A big improvement that helps you to intervene in case of disruptions.

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