Mobile Data Collection?

TDox Designs and organizes your tasks, managing collected data.


Enhance your team coordination by distributing tasks and collecting data automatically


Act promptly thanks to informations instantly gained and efficient processes


Collect and exchange data from within and outside your company thanks to technologies in real-time

An added value to your company

  • Global competition forces companies to constantly re-visit their process on the go in order to reduce costs and take advantage of technology evolution;
  • Paper forms are obsolete. Today more than ever it is important to get information in real-time in order to deal with tasks and unexpected situations;
  • Providing value to your customers means being able to collect and exchange data promptly with clients and suppliers involved.

TDox is the no code business app creator

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Immediate results

A new way of communicating

The app can be used to communicate between those working on field and those from the office, thanks to a function to share notifications and updates which replaces traditional means of communication.

Use new technologies

Other than collecting textual data, you can take advantage of TDox in order to collect more complex data such as GPS coordinates, pictures, barcodes and digital signatures.

Accessible information

Between the benefits of using an app, there is the chance to have access to collected data in digital format, immediately: data will be automatically turned into an Excel or a PDF file, ready to be shared.


Technology brought us to be always connected to our devices and even a smartphone with BYOD, becomes a tool for your workplace, which can be used to fill forms through app and send them to the office.

A unique tool
at your disposal

Speed up processes on the go

Thanks to its intuitivity, TDox is the right choice for those companies in need of collecting data more efficiently outside the office and to guide operators through their tasks.

Document Designer

Other than choosing between our collection of modules, you can customize your own one with the Webapp Document Designer, which combines an intuitive UI to complex features.

One App, more ways to use it

TDox is not a vertical solution that solves a unique company need, but rather a tool which can be used for different activities performed by your operators on the go, for this reason TDox fits perfectly more sectors and work environments.

System integration

Our platform can be integrated with other industry standard apps and databases. Furthermore you are guaranteed to be operational in little time, avoiding implementation times for starting the the project.