What is TDox?

TDox is the tool for creating and managing field data collection processes.

This software was created to meet the growing demand for solutions that are easy
to use, safe and cost-effective, by those who feel the need to develop and make
their business mobility effective.

Field data is always the most important and the most problematic item to collect
due to the lack of appropriate communication tools.

TDox helps overcome these barriers, allowing you to independently and intuitively
create data collection processes, compile them via tablet or smartphone, and make
the data available for all management activities.

Discover the benefits

Areas of application

The habit of working outside the office is constantly growing: many companies
are investing in the digitization and dematerialization of processes and documents.

Even less structured organizations can, without major investments, profitably
utilize systems that technology makes available to them for mobile data collection
and increase organizational flexibility.

TDox can be used in industry, logistics, services, utilities, healthcare, and many
other sectors.

Some examples of processes manageable in TDox

Documents for proof of delivery (POD).
Intervention reports.
Document testing.
Quality control.
Meter reading.
Data storage.
Nursing intervention.
Various types of questionnaires.
…and every paper form in use in your company.


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